EDT and diet

What kind of diet do you all take on during Charles Staley’s EDT I or II?


Since it’s geared towards hypertrophy, I was thinking about combining EDT with Massive Eating, and then later on Meltdown with the T-Dawg diet. Has anyone else tried anything different with EDT? Should I eat more carbs? What about supplements?

Chris you will not get a lot of answers on this simply because it is individual. If you feel better on t-dawg then do t-dawg. If Berardi massive eating feels better than do that. If you feel better hyper caloric do that depends on your goals… Do what works for you to find out what works for you try a whole slew of different shit. Peace


I used 12xbw 30/40/30 c/p/f (berardi meal combining style) for four weeks on EDT I, gained five pounds LBM, probably because simultaneously taking 4-AD, about 50% was water gain.