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EDT and Deadlifts


I have decided to do EDT for awhile to help shed some fat. I have also been doing a few sets of deadlifts on off days. I do EDT Mon-Wed-Fri, and deadlifts on Tues-Thurs.

On DL days I only do between 5-10 sets. I change up DL days between Tues-heavy and Thurs-light with a wide grip.

Is this to much work in one week? I dont feel run down or exhibit overtraining symptoms yet. I actually feel great. I am nearly 30, is it possible to have a greater resistance to fatigue as we become older and deeper into our training years?


If you feel great keep it up. If you start to wear down then let off a little.

From what I have read, when you have trained for several years you are able to recruit more muscle fibers which will allow you to lift heavier and changes the way you lift.

Your resistance to fatigue could also be because you are taking better care of yourself. I know that I'm taking much better care of myself now then when I was in college because of this site, and I have money to buy good food.