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EDT and compound exercises

I know alot of people say not to use EDT with compound exercises, especially squats or deadlifts. But if you follow staley’s “the thinking mans guide to sets and reps” he says to stop a set after breakdown in speed occurs, not when you reach failure. If you applied this to EDT which i think he intends you to in the first place, i wouldn’t see a problem in doing squats or deadlifts. Am I right here or am I way off base?

I dsagree that Staley meant this advice to apply to EDT. He was talking about “regular” sets when he said that.

Also, if you look at the EDT routines he’s put together, you won’t generally see a lot of big compound movements.

I’ve worked with a number of people and have always used compound movements (always include squats and deads) with EDT. No one has ever had a problem.

Also, I don’t know how much I agree with the drop off in rep speed technique for the termination of a set. One, it’s not a practical thing to measure, and two, I think it’s majoring in minutia.

If you read the t-mag articles on EDT you’ll find that Staley himself recommends NOT doing the compound excercises with EDT in part b/c concentration levels are difficult to maintain with those types of excercises during EDT. You basically end forcing out reps to failure towards the later sets in extremely high set numbers and I guess that doesn’t suit the dynamic of EDT. If you haven’t already read the articles I’d recommend it. Staley goes into more detail on the topic.

Despite Staley’s recommendations concerning compound movements and EDT, I’ve always used them when performing the protocol. I’ve never had a problem.

EDT is a progarm that doesn’t have to be set in stone. One way or another its just another program to get you started. U can make adjustments for youself to make the program work for you.

Like I’ve said in the past Most programs are Theroies anyways. It there is no proven fact that it works or doesn’t… If it works for u the use it… If it doesn’t try somethingelse.

My .02 anyways

in one of the edt for fat loss workouts Charles gives an exercise called “SHELC” for a replacement of more complex movement. Can anyone describe this movement or exercise? what is it?

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