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EDT and cardio

I was wondering, foranyone who has done edt how much fat did u all lose and how much muscle did you all gain while on it? Also if my goal is to lose weight while on it should i do cardio , cause im afraid of overtraining cause the workload just from lifting is humungous?


It is a program that should be utilized when calories are adequate to promote growth. You may want to consider another program if fat loss is your main goal.

Let me give you my take, which has worked well for me on a hypocaloric diet. You cannot do EDT for four days a week and all body parts. You’ll burn out if your calories are low. I modified the program to a three day a week schedule (MWF), with only two days a week as EDT. So, for example, Mondays I would work chest and bis (20 mins each), Wednesday I’d do strength training for legs, and Friday I’d do EDT for back and tris. Works like a charm, and keeps you from burning out. Make sure you keep your protein intake high.

Aside from lack of calories, is edt a good way to burn lots of calories like compared to meltdown training…


I wouldn’t rely on the EDT to provide the necessary caloric defecit. I would put in some moderate intensity cardio a couple of days a week. Make sure that your diet is in order, btw.