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EDT and Aspirin


I've been using EDT have been getting my best results ever. But now I'm about to embark on Staley's workout from the book "The Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms". I was wondering if anyone had any experience or suggestions as far as taking aspirin pre-workout.

I thought I've read about negative affects of aspirin on T-Nation in the past but in the book Charles says "Aspirin is perhaps the most powerful anabolic drug you can possibly take (legally, in any event)."

Any thoughts?


I'd love to hear more on this subject, lets keep this topic bumped.


I've read a lot on EDT but couldn't remember anything about that so I just searched the ebook you mentioned for those who care:

another quote, first google hit




Let's get some coaches/scientists in here.


It says that in the book?


I asked around and the only thing I hear is that the caffine is a little help, anyone else?


This is a great question. I was wondering the same. I have both the "arms" book and the dvd. I been doing EDT for a month and I love it! I have a lot of respect for Staley so I trust him greatly. However, I always suspect to try a "drug." So any experince with aspirin from T-readers would be greatly appreciated!


No experience with the aspirin but i did do the Massive Arms routine and in the 12 weeks i went from 15 inch arms to 16.5 inch arms, that sucker works if you eat like a horse and follow the program to a T. Good Luck, you'll be happy.....


I really don't see how caffeine could be anabolic other than perhaps its stimulant properties slightly improving the amount you can lift or your work capacity in you workout. And I have heard the opposite of aspirin, but if it masks pain and and/or allows you to work through soreness you wouldn't otherwise, I could see some small benefit. I'd be interested to hear what Staley says if anyhow asks him in the Locker Room though.


Yup, chapter 9, p.76. Here's what he wrote:

"This effective substance operates on a variety of levels. First, aspirin improves blood flow by reducing the body's output of thromboxane, a natural chemical which causes blood platelets to become 'stickier'. Even as little as 30mg's (about a tenth of a normal tablet) of aspirin prior to training can thin the blood to the point where muscle tissue is exposed to greater amounts nutrient carrying blood, thus speeding up recovery between reps and sets."

"Additionally, lactic acid and other waste products, the result of heavy training efforts, will be flushed out from your muscle cells with greater speed and efficiency. Aspirin also reduces edema (swelling), another result of hard training. Local tissue swelling and inflammation (usually not visible) is universally regarded by experts as being the enemy of healing-recovery simply does not begin until edema has subsided."


if youre gonna try it out, i would recommend to limit the amount of aspirin you are taking and definetely not taking it frequently or you risk the chance of getting stomach ulcers.


He does recommend starting with a small dose and that as little as 30mg could work.


Just because the blood is thinned, does that mean more blood can flow into muscles? It's still going through the same vessels to get into the muscle, so wouldn't the vessel need to be relaxed/opened in order to allow greater blood flow (I think that's what arginine does when it's broken down correct?) as opposed to just thinning the fluid that is passing through various vessels? Or does the viscosity (I guess that's how you'd describe it?) of blood really affect how much will flow into a given muscle over a given time?