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Edmonton T-Cell Strongman Training

Well, my brother and I are going to start up with a little Sunday night strongman training. For anyone in Edmonton who’s interested we’ll be training down at the kinsmen sport centre, probably around 6 or 7 pm (I’ll keep you updated). We won’t actually train at kinsmen so much as by kinsmen. We’re not entirely certain what we’re going to do the first day so any suggestions would be good (especially if you’ve got equipment).

I’m thinking the first day will involve quite a bit of vehicular pushing and pulling. My brother can also get large chunks of steel in whatever weight we want (5lbs up to about 5000 lbs) so we may do some famers walks, hussefelt stone, odd object presses or some such depending on what we bring down.

Anyone who’s interested send me a PM so that I can keep track of who’s coming. There shouldn’t be any cost involved (can’t think of any at the moment) we’ll probably have between 5 and 15 people there depending on turnout since I’m dragging some of my clients out too.


Hey stu!
Strongwomen can participate too, right? :wink:

I would think that it would go without saying that strongwomen (or those attempting to be strong) are not only allowed but encouraged to attend.


Okay, official time:

Kinsmen front doors at 7 pm on Sunday June 1st for all interested parties.



This sounds great; however, it may be good to provide some sort of outline as to what will be exactly done.

That way, anyone who will be attending can plan their regular training around this.

That’s a good plan Patricia. Right now we’re kind of flying by the seat of our pants since some of our equipment plans have somewhat fallen through . . .

Though at the moment we’re equiped with a truck with a tow rope (expect much pushing and pulling of said truck). We also have some oddly shapped heavy objects (think farmer’s walk and hussifelt stone). Potentially we’re going to have a (or a few) rather large tractor tires but that’s the part that may have fallen through for this week . . . we’ll see what happens.

Mostly I think this is an opportunity to have a little fun in the River Valley and to meet some new people.