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Edmonton Insomnia


Anyone else suffering from these insanely short Edmontonian nights? It's never truly dark at night (maybe this is light pollution from our own city?) so all we get is 5 hours of twilight and then at 4am the sun decides that it's a good idea to start rising. It's not like I haven't tried blocking out the sun. The blinds are firmly tightened shut and there's dark towels pinned and duct tapped across the window, but the sun still gets through.

Any fellow sufferers?

Geez the weather sucks today, eh?



I hear you. Try living on the 26th floor overlooking the city glow. Pretty somedays, downright irritating on others.

Oh well. Might as well go workout in my gym downstairs.

I could prescribe something for us all but that would be downright wrong.

See you at the Edmonton T-meet.
College Plaza


ps. If you think it sucks, look on the bright side. I'm leading a women's running group this morning. It's raining. It's cold.

Think "Super Duper Wet T-Shirt" contest.


Well, I used to work at a job where I would start at 4 in the afternoon and typically wouldn't get home until 5 or 6 in the morning since I would put in so much OT. It was kind of neat since I would be working during the few hours of reduced light (darkness being too strong a term for what we get). It really was kind of cool knowing that I wasn't going to see the night.

Anyway, the T-cell gathering in July better involve a few people who weren't at the first one or the pics of Cass from the car will be mild compared to what the Hunter brothers will do to those who fail to attend. :wink:


ps. if you guys in Edmonton want drop me a PM and we can hook up sometime. Perhaps a t-cell hulk viewing. I think I might be going tonight. . .


I don't mind the rain too much right now. Whenever it gets into the high 20's my apartment turns into an oven 'til 1 or 2 in the morning. I hear ya on the whole bright in the morning thing, my bedroom window faces the south. I just taped aluminum foil over the windows. It works pretty slick, my room stays nice pretty dark even in the middle of the day, although I will admit it looks a wee bit winky from the outside. Peace

 26th floor with a nice view of the city is sweet...


beef, get a good sized blanket and double it up. Tack it at all 4 corners and at any other place where the light is getting in. I've got my room so dark it's like a cave. During the daytime I trip over the bed it's so dark. The only trouble is the blanket covering the window is red, so it looks like Mars in my room. The red fucking planet.


When I worked the summer in Alaska, we had a big bonfire on the solstice, and the sun just dips under the horizon. Had to do the blanket thing in order to sleep at all. Of course, after a few days working 18+ hours, NOT sleeping becomes the bigger problem.


Well I must say that the shitty weather is now doing wonders for blocking out the sun. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the advice though, people.



Here's a little trick from my "graveyard" days.

Aluminum foil.

Line your window with it. The Sun won't get through.


When I used to work nights at a casino I just cut pieces of cardboard and put those up. Easy to put up easy to take down, best of all free.