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EDL and Mag-10

Has anyone attempted to combine a Mag-10 cycle with EDL training? I was considering this for my next Mag-10 cycle and was wondering if anyone had tried it and what results he had achieved? Thanks.

Do you mean EDT training? Staley’s program? If so, no, haven’t done the combo yet, but I’m guessing it would be great. MAG-10 is incredible, EDT is amazing (started it last week), so the two together should work wonders. I can’t use MAG-10 right now because I just came off a cycle. Will add it into the program in a few weeks.

Yeah, I meant EDT – I don’t know how I managed that typo. I figured that workout has been posted for several weeks now, so maybe a few of you have combined it with Mag-10 and would share results.

T-bros, I plan on using this exact formula when I start my MAG-10 in two weeks. I’ve been debating myself over whether to use a 5x5 workout or the EDT. As I’ve never done EDT, I think the combination of high volume and novelty (as I’ve not yet done anything similar to it) will Gorillorize my gains.

MBE: “Mad Monkey MAG-10 begins soon since, well, not yet…”