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Edit the Description for the Pharma Forum

OK I went back and went through your logic and emphasize I appreciate your perspective. Therefore, I think we can find common ground here. Based on the theme in the other sections as you mention, change the words “safe and effective” in the Pharma description to “best” and I think that’s it.

Factual description and also aligns with philosophy in other sections. Avoids the use of the term safe which is now buried in “best” (most effective/least harm).

Readalot, another possible solution: Have the moderators alert you whenever a new thread is started in the Pharma Fourm. You can then post your AAS’s “MSDS” on the thread.

That solution seems like a lot of extra work for me. Seems my suggestion is better (less work for me and accurate description for the Pharma forum).

It’s fascinating to me how many times the extra effort I put on here to help and educate the young, ignorant, and vulnerable is often met with derision by some forum members. I get it though.

I am glad you are satisfied with the benefit you had with AAS over many years. I wish everyone could be so fortunate but that’s not how it works.

You are assuming people actually read that description. I’d be willing to bet most dont.

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I’m assuming most people don’t read that description. However, that doesn’t preclude one from improving the description.

That’s fair.

My problem is that your position comes off as extreme. An analogy is that if this were a car forum you would be preaching that any highway speed above 15mph is unsafe, and that there is no speed above 15mph that is safe.

I much prefer a balanced expression of a person’s opinion, whether it’s based on today’s known science or not. Known science is always changing, so it is shaky ground to stand firmly upon.

This statement too rigid. How about the marijuana story?

Try stating it like this: "The recreational use of AAS’s may be harmful to your health."

Looks like we’ve come full circle here. See my first post:

Now look here:

Either one of those work for you? I think we are aligned, no?

Readalot you seem to treat this forum like a pack of cigarettes or can of beer that needs a warning label.



I have no idea how this thread is still going on. I must’ve been too vague yesterday.

There is no reason to change the description, so it will not be changed.


If this post in response to the reply I sent you this morning or just a general observation before reading that reply? If the former, that tells me what I need to know.

I provided constructive feedback this morning

You don’t think this modification would improve the factual description of the Pharma forum and send the appropriate message?

I’ve laid out the reason in the goriest of detail.

Absolutely, 100%. Recreational use of AAS should be thought of health wise very similar to cigarettes. Not quite the same since there is a (+)ve with AAS (muscle mass, bone health, performance) but the -(ve) side could be classified very easily with cigarettes.

I think @unreal24278 made this comparison (I’m not going to find the link) and it’s a good one.

Which would have been equal to about 60% of my graduating class in high school.

Good to know but so what?

150 years ago the US didn’t have municipal sewer systems.

It’s in response to the fact that, honestly, I figured the first two sentences in my first post here would’ve been a thread-ender and case-closer:

“I get what you’re saying, but I believe you’re reading too much into the specific wording. The message still comes across clearly without a more technically accurate change in word choice.”

Your 15+ posts following it only emphasized that you’re reading way to much into the word choice. We will not be idiot-proofing the description to differentiate between safe, safe-ish, safer, relatively safe, or whatever other variation.

The mental energy that’s been wasted on this topic is amazing.

Thanks, this response tells me what I needed to know. We fundamentally disagree on this important topic and you have the Admin rights. So that’s that.

I don’t think it’s wasted energy. The trail is here for the perceptive and thoughtful individuals to read. The right thing to do and the easy thing to do aren’t usually the same.

I quite enjoy being a member of small groups and hope this exchange can help someone. Clearly T Nation hasn’t idiot proofed the Pharma forum description, and your insistence on using the word “safe” in the Pharma description only serves to feed the cognitive dissonance but mostly denial of the many posters on that forum.

It’s hard to accept the truth sometimes. But that’s always the first step.

Have a good day.

Cigarette smokers have a lower incidence of Parkinson’s disease

May also have a positive effect in those suffering from ulcerative colitis.

Start smoking! It’s good for you! (Sarcasm)

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Just something to consider even though it’s probably common knowledge:

I realized after getting lots of great ideas shot down in the work place that an idea can be correct in principle, but not necessarily good.

What makes an idea good?

  1. It makes money

  2. It saves labor.

So what you’ve effectively done was ask the moderators to do something that may be right in principle, but not in action, because it creates work and doesn’t make any money.

It’s easy to lose track of the fact that although this is the place we brainstorm, recreate, socialize, etc. It is the mods workplace.


But if you do have any ideas that save labor and make money, let me know, cuz I’m broke. And a bit lazy. :rofl:

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I hear getting involved with grand larceny can be quite profitable

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Yeah, delete 3 words and add two. Tons of work.

I get what you are saying though.

Besides 1 and 2 you listed above, I’ll add number 3. It needs to be their idea and you’ve got to put in the work to make it their idea.

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