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Edit my routine please

Hey guys-
I’ve been back in the gym for about two months after about an eight month break(i call it break, you may call it being a lazy fat ass). I am 18 240lbs maybe about 17% BF. My recovery time has been awesome lately, for some reason I can work out and then work out the same body part like maybe two days later, and yes i’ve been hitting it hard in the gym. Here is my routnie, thanks for the help my fellow swinging ball sack friends :slight_smile:
DB Bench 56-8 (2 warmup sets)
DB Rows 4
6-8 (1 warmup set)
BB Incline Bench 38-10
Pulldown 3
Smith Machine Millitary Press 46-8
French Curl 3
Side Cable Raises 3*8-10

Leg Press 58-10(2 warmup sets)
Leg Extension 3
Lunges 38-10
Calf Raises 4

Cable Rows 56-8(2 warmup sets)
DB Bench 4
6-8(1 warmup set)
T Bar Row 38-10
DB Incline Bench 3
EZ bar rows 48-10
EZ Bar Bicep Curls 3
Front DB raises 3*8-10

Squat 56-8(2 warmup sets)
Leg Press 3
Leg Curl 38-10
Leg Raises(Abs) 5

Sure, looks ok. Nothing special, one upper body day one lower body day, one day off, then repeat with same body part but different exercise. Go for it. Tons of better workouts on the net here though. Check out Lair of the ice dog, there’s great ones there.

da boxer


Assuming that this routine is intended for bodybuilding, the only changes I would make if I wanted to keep the same general structure you mentioned would be:

1]To use a heavy/light day system. I would do this because you are training the entire body twice a week and it will eventually burn you out. Instead keep the same rep scheme and reduce the load by 15-20% on light days.

2] Doing some isolation exercices are ok in this case, because they’ll permit you to do more volume and spare your CNS. That being said, I’d still replace the smith press and leg press with something else.

What are your goals (fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain, etc)?

Well Patman, my goals are just to get in general condition right now. I would like to get my body back in the swing of things and put on a little muscle. After trying this routine for maybe 6 weeks, I mihgt change to a cutting diet. Would this routine work well for that goal? I though since I had awesome recovery time I could suck it up and go through this routine. Would that be a logical idea for my goals?

Looks OK to me. I’m a big fan of working everything twice a week. Ditch the smith machine, though, and do chin-ups instead of pulldowns if you can. Six weeks on this sounds perfect - then switch to a heavier 5x5 routine. Good luck!

If you’re man enough, try Chad Waterbury’s Outlaw S&C from last week’s issue. That’ll condition you right up.

Your program has you spending too much time with machines (smith, pulldown, leg press, leg extension)… well, that’s just my opinion. Read the back issues… you’ll learn a lot.

I thank you for all yalls input, it has given me some path to take :slight_smile:

Personally, that would probably be too much volume for me for the upper body workout twice a week. Maybe one day heavier, but lower reps? I agree with ditching the smith macine, but in favor of DB shoulder presses. I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about hitting my head with a bar on those.

Also, you might wish to take out one of the leg exercises (leg press or leg extension would be my vote, in that order) on the first leg day in favor of stiff leg deadlifts. I think, considering your direct quad work, more direct hamstring work would help.

And, as with any routine, more calf work, if you’re concerned with their appearance at all.