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Ediev Jersk WR 220 KG (Video Link)


Here is a link to the Chechen weightlifter Aslambek Ediev cleaning and jerking 220 kg, two kg more than the world record of Yung Chang from China:


He made this lift in training.

We'll see if Ediev, who has placed second and third in the worlds, will be able to repeat in competition and maybe take first this time around in Thailand.

He'll be competing for Russia.


Woah. Looks like there's a few kg in the tank as well!!


Don't forget that in training most lifters are a few kg's heavier than the requiered weight for competition.


one of our 77kg lifters was 73kg at the meet this last saturday. Some are heavier, most aren't from what I've sween.

anyhow, damn strong lift, but it looked like 215 or 217..5 to me anyhow.

then again video quality was shit.


Nice find, thanks.
It's funny to see everyone on the video being so casual about breaking a WR, just clapping politely like it's nothing out of the ordinary.


Ediev and the rest of the 85 kg weight class competed yesterday (22 September).

He took second at the World's with a 172 kg snatch, and 200 kg clean & jerk.

In first place was Andrei Rybakov from Belarus, who snatched a world record 187 kg. I don't know what he totalled, however. The website has the results in spreadsheet format and I can't access them.


Truly awsome!!

I think we should all get are coats and take up knitting LOL!