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\edg"y\ (?), a. [from edge.]
1. easily irritated; sharp; as, an edgy temper.

adj : being in a tense state [syn: high-strung, highly strung, in suspense(p) , jittery, jumpy, nervy, overstrung, restive, uptight]

This will be the training log for me to show my progressions and attempts at meeting my goals, defining my training programs and the accompanying diet protocols I have chosen.

The idea of this log is to identify personal gains as associated with training/diet guidelines as learned from 34 years of weight training and the pursuit of perfection, whatever that is.

The question I get is 'why do you work out so much'. The best answer that I can come up with is that every time I leave the gym, I leave it that much better. Healthier, stronger and more confident. Having a gym trained body is like driving a hot sports car....all the time.

Weight training has saved me from a life of crime (like a few of my brothers) alcoholism/drug abuse (like a few other family members) and has supplemented my income far past my education ( I have a HS diploma and make more than most MBA's). I owe a lot to the sport and a lot to this website which has increased my knowledge base to an incalculable degree.

If someone is able to glean some wisdom/knowledge/insight from this log, then my life will have not been in vain.


I am now in the middle of a FBT. I started that since I knew coming into the holiday season would have issues with consistency, and FBT seemed the likely choice. I started a FBT in February of 2010 coupled with a low carb diet in order to drop BF. I went from 230 to 215 in 6 weeks, so it worked, but I was amazed at how big my quads were getting on that program.

I went on to other programs throughout the year, and since I started this program again (sans low carb) I am again amazed at my leg size/strength. It was pointed out earlier this year that my Tri's were lacking, and I have always had sad calves, so since the firs week in November I put together the following program.

Day 1 - Oly bar training (heavy)
Flat Bench
B/O Rows
Standing Military press

Day 2 - DB Training (moderate weight/reps)
Flat Bench
DB Rows
Seated overhead press
Deadlifts, okay, I do use the Oly bar for this, and go heavy, but wtf?

Day 3 - Machines - high reps (15-20 reps to failure.

I'll stay on this till the first part of january then start a standard 4 day split.


Monday - Day 1

Weighted Abs

255x3 - 5 sets

B/O Rows
225x7 - 4 sets
225x5 - 1 set

Standing Military
175x5 - 5 sets

295x5 - 4 sets

Seated Calves
180x12 - 5 sets

Cable pushdowns (Tris)
120x20 - 5 sets


Finally did it, eh? Good to see you logging your stuff here, looking forward to some wisdom and or knowledge here...so get on that.


I am stunned at how original your title is! It's so simple that it's scary! (:

I will throw in the usual 'Looking forward to following your progress'.


I see Red.


Believe me, I spent days trying to come up with something relevant, intelligent, funny and/or provocative for a title.

this is the best I could come up with.




1st Bfast
Oatmeal w/ honey
Protein shake

2nd Bfast

1st lunch
Chicken Breast

2nd Lunch
Chicken breast
Coke Zero

Drive home

All the above is about normal for my day. Very seldom changes, except the cookies and sweets. That's just a holiday thing. The only meal that changes usually is dinner.

tonite it's burritos made with Turkey instead of hamburger - 1/2 cup rice, beans, lettuce tomato. Regular burrito stuff.

No training tonite, so I'll catch up with episodes of SofA from season 1.

I figure about 3600 calories per day. 180 grams of protein.


Ah, so this is how Edgy stays hot.

I love the hot sports car analogy... vroom vroom ;D


(do you really think I'm hot?)


Lol I know you are ;D


Edgy, regarding quitting drinking, as brought up in TK, I just so happened to see this article today on EFS.


Last paragraph sums it up:
"Hate your addictions. Hate those activities that steal your time and waste your energy. Do whatever it takes to hate that which you love for all the wrong reasons. Hate your addictions and you will succeed. Quit your addictionsâ?¦and you will fail."

Hate drinking. Hate it. It does nothing good for you, and you know that. There's other ways out there to cope/have fun/relax/(insert whatever reason you want that brings you to it)

1.Find them.
2.Beat this.
4. Profit (or Succeed).

^^Isn't that how that's written 'round these parts? ^^


I love my addiction. Enemies show us the way.


This is good.

This is how I got better at squats. I used to HATE squats, until a training partner mentioned that with that attitude, I will never get better at them. So for a long time now, instead of hating squat day, I look forward to it.

Same analogy. Different application. this issue, however, is a life changing one. One where I will have to differentiate myself from my friends and family members whose life is wrapped around this activity, ya'know?

This is a huge issue. But for this thread, I am going to concentrate on my Training and Diet.

And Sparkly Vampires.

Thanks Inky~


You bet. And it is "kinda" diet related...in a way :wink:

Sparkly vampires eh? That's what Ct's for I guess.


bling bling


Dumbell training.
Flat Bench
1 arm B/O Rows
Seated O/H press


Deadlifts, with the Oly bar, of course.


Diet and adequate rest is in order for the day (yeah right)

When I start the new program after the 1st, then I'll log weight/measurments and set goals.

Stay tuned...


Day 2 - DB, Increased Reps

Weighted Abs

70's x 18
80's x 15
90's x 12 x 3
90's x 10 x 2

DB B/O Rows
100 x 13 x 5

DB OH Press
60's x 16 x 2
65's x 12 x 3

135 x 10
225 x 8
275 x 5
315 x 3 x 3

Calves, Tri Pushdowns and out.


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