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Edgy: Alone With My Friends


srsly - the date and time of our death has been fated, so why not live for the present?

okay - all bullshit aside, this is an attempt at another log, mainly cause I hate to be left out.

most of you know me as a smartass, but I have been a serious lifter since I was 13.

kids, family, partying, etc, have all taken time away from training, but about 6 years ago, I started getting serious about training, and have made some gains. Turned 48 this month (December) and am in better shape than I was at 30. Anyway - here goes....


First to the party, oh wait, do we gotta be all serious ? or Just you?


Sqwatz and Milk!

I got sick around Halloween this last year, and between the flu and colds, I lost 10lbs of muscle, and packed on 10 lbs of fat. I've been back in the gym for 3 weeks now, and am finally making some progress. the cold weather plays hell on my patella tendons, but with proper warmup - I'm able to make something happen.

last nite -

15 min bike (warmup)
light leg extensions (warmup)
135 x 10
185 x 10
225 x 8 x 3 - this is significant, since my knees have been so jacked lately!

Front squats
135 x 10 x 4

Leg curl machine, calves - then 15 min on the bike to cool off.

then home. dont sound like much, but I didnt hurt myself!

that, is a victory.


I, ummm....was told to leave my smartass comments back at GAL and SAMA....

can I be a smartass here too?


Yea, Ive been on my best behavior too, its really not THAT bad, hehe


OMG YES!!!! Edgy! Edgy! Edgy!

You better deliver Viking, OR ELSE!! No more nakey pics from Print for you, sir. Jk! You know that dog can't stop himelf :wink:

And nice squat session! You know people are held accountable for achey shit up in this 'older' people's section. May I suggest perusing the Mobility sticky up top? (If you haven't done so already). Lots of good stuff in there.



I know how you feel. I'm 46 and the other day I'm drying off my dogs before letting them back into the house. I stand up when I'm done, and there it is that oh too familiar twinge in my low back that says ' guess what you are middle aged".

I was planning a heavy leg workout that day but had to settle for extensions supper setted with curls and body weight squats. Sucked.


you're one of the reasons for this log, sweetie. If you hadn't asked about it, I'd probably not have done it!

anyway....thanks? It think....lol


yep! you can plan your workouts all you want, but it depends on the day as to what you are capable of - dunno if it's old age, or just wisdom!


Well welcome good sir!


Shit gettin' deep.

<------- Says' hi pal.

Masch & meatstick thermometers. Hand in hand w/the holidays.

Edit- I just realized this is a training log. Thought I was in GAL.

Edit II- You have eczema? Crazy thread name.


DOMS......setting in......


Wassup Matty - I heard that this is where all the old farts hang out!

Print, you lost son? here, let me help you find your way back to SAMA...they need us there. Place is going to hell-in-a-handbasket~


Nice to see your Log go up here, Edge! Keep the smartassery, there are plenty of them here. Otherwise reading lifting logs would only be 1/2 as much entertainment....

On being middle age, I just join gym's where seniors do rehab therapy for hip replacements and it makes me the young guy by default.

Pro's - I have the biggest bench of the 5:00 am coffee crew

Con's - Old dude's never wrap a towel around themselfs in the locker room.


Ain't nothin' a couple of super heroes can't fix.


Welcome to this side of the tracks.

We've all of the smartass of SAMA without the Uncle Touchy Mc Grabgrab feel of that plae.


Well I'll be. Can't wait to see how this thread developes. Welcome Edgy.


this is one of lifes big mysteries.....why, oh why do they have the need to let-it-all-hang-out?


Am I to assume that I'm the one with the shitstain on his undies?


thanks Dday & Joe, we'll see what this next year takes from us...

cain't be my dignity, I lost that years ago.

srsly, tho -

this year I want to break the 405 DL, I think that should be doable by the end of Feb.

I'd like to get back to squatting 315 again, I would like to think that I can do that by the end of March (depending on the weather!)

I have incredible tendonitis pain in my right elbow, and/or ulnar nerve damage (my pinky finger is usually numb/tingly). that will stop me from any attempts at breaking any flat bench records, but no worries, I am sure that I have my hands full with the DL and Squats for the time being.

we shall see....