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Edema from Testosterone E

Hey guys

I’m in week 6 of 12 of my testosterone cycle of 2 125mg injections per week.

Last week I noticed a lot of fluid retention. Doc prescribed Lasix but every time I am
Off it I swell back up.

Test was at 6.88 when I started my cycle and I thought 250mg per week wouldn’t be a lot, but this fluid retention has me wondering.

I elevate my feet, take in low sodium, drink tons of water and even cut my
Workouts to 5 per week.

Is there anything else I can do? Should I be worried?

I should also add that I just started 2500IU of HCG 2x per week to get my balls back.
Swelling came shortly after the week of HCG and despite a few days off of HCG still continued

125mg of test a week is not a cycle.

For me it is because my test isn’t low so unless you have something constructive to say keep your douche comments to yourself.

What are your test levels at 125/w? Also, that’s a hilariously massive amount of HCG, so I’m betting that caused the fluid retention.

I was on 1750 IU of HCG per week and still retaining- should i go even less? At 1750 I still had shrinkage.

I’m getting my levels checked again Monday before i pin so i will have a better idea then

Most trt patients get away with 500-1,000/w, so even dropping to 1,750 is way above the norm. The best amount for you to take is whatever keeps you from having too much atrophy while not adding tons of water to the rest of you. It sounds like you’re in a tough spot finding that balance. Hell, by the time you’ve found the magic number your cycle will be over. It can take a while to dial in that right level.

My comment wasn’t personal man. I was just simply stating 125mg isn’t a cycle. It’s a trt dose. It wasn’t meant as an insult. Goodness. And then you go on my thread and post saying I’m a troll bc you took offense to my comment? Wth.

I believe he’s on 250mg/week (which isn’t much of a cycle either).

Dextermorgan: Regardless if it’s 125mg or 250mg, I was just stating that at that dose, it’s not considered a cycle. He obviously misjudged my intentions by my comment. I’m sure I’m not the only one on here that would agree, that dose is not a cycle.

Personally I think anything under 500mg for “cycling” isn’t worth it. Being at 200mg myself for years I can say that 200-300mg for a short period is going to be underwhelming. What they expect 300mg to do is what 500mg will actually do.