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Eddie Hall Won't Recognize Thor's Deadlift Record

Skip to about 6 minutes I think.

I want to stay neutral but Eddie isnt coming off well here IMO.

I 100% agree with him.

No way would I accept it.

Far too much scope for skullduggery.

Guys: this is kayfabe. Quit taking it seriously. It would be like talking about how much Hulk Hogan hates the Iron Shiek.


Yes. Publicity stunt.

In actuality, Thor is already as strong (or stronger, imo) than Ed was on the day he pulled 500. I feel like Thor has 510 in him if everything falls into place, even though he won’t attempt that much.


Yup. You of course know this, but for the unaware, there is a LONG established tradition in strongman of barely breaking your previous record and then just doing it over and over again, so that you get more “world records” under your belt. Savickas did this with the log forever.


Someone correct me if I’m wrong. But isn’t Thor getting the 100K bonus if he breaks the record under the proposed scenario?

I don’t think there’s enough money in Strongman yet that somebody will just throw 100K at some online shenanigans…


I get that it will be in his gym but he was trying to do it for WUS and circumstances just suck right now.

Anybody have the competitor list for The 2016 World Deadlift Championship? I am googling but finding nothing. IIRC Eddie had his own personal platform.

Side note if Eddie’s concern is legit I think he is projecting for what ever tomfoolery that happened to help him win WSM.

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Social media has made this an unfathomable thing for most now. Eddie broke the previous record by something like 30kg I believe and now every internet kid thinks it should be that way. I don’t believe in chipping records (Wheels vs Lilliebridge) but an extra kilo is more weight on the bar.

Also, at the end of the day the deadlift is one of the most boring events in strongman and I don’t see why everyone gets so butthurt about records. The only ones affected are those competing and if it puts cash in their pocket for pushing their bodies to the limit, so be it. Can someone explain to me why they wouldn’t leave an extra rep or an extra pound/kilo in the tank for next year to walk away X amount richer?

EDIT: As much as Eddie acts like he is fine with someone taking the 500 or tries to downplay it like “who remembers the guy who pulled 501”, he is scared shitless to let it go. To not be able to say “I have the wr deadlift” is frightening to him and saying “I pulled 500” doesn’t sound as good when it isn’t the best in the world.


To me, the main thing with competing is to get away with as much as you can without getting caught and not just for the competitors. It’s like Kaz being left out, switching events to not favor Mariuz, Thor “dipping” on his press the year Eddie won, etc. It’s all for money, and not for the competitor. Like it was said before this whole thing is essentially like WWE. The more people talk and hype up, the more money is brought it.

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This is the “internet powerlifter” influence on the sport. No one wants to shell out cash for equipment or a good gym, so they have no idea what a respectable stone or bag over bar is, so they gravitate toward the lift anyone can do in a gym. It is super silly.

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IMO, Thor should invite Eddie to be head judge. He can weigh the plates, and bar. He can inspect Thor’s equipment, but the judging will all be filmed. If Eddie tries to screw him some people will know. If Eddie turns it down, then he shouldn’t complain about the results.

If Eddie can’t get a judges licence, then a gentleman’s agreement that Thor denounce the record if Eddie says it wasn’t good.


I think part of a license would mean having to be able to be impartial so I think that rules him out.

But I like the idea of Eddie coming to weigh all the plates. Thats funny.

for a strongperson competitor but those lifts everyone has an idea about get new people (and revenue).

Very much so. Another thing about this is that Eddie almost died pulling 500. I expect Thor will have some in the tank. Eddie almost died after every WSM event. Other winners of WSM do not. He came and won but he has to be one of the weakest WSM winners in history.

Taking only that part and replying to it and ignoring the context it was said within is disingenuous to the point of arguing in bad faith dude.

I found this which seems oddly specific to our thread :grin:


Sorry, that wasn’t my intention at all.

I do agree with Eddie on this. Worth congratulating Thor on the accomplishment but should not be considered a record.

Records should only recognized when done in an official setting and using official equipment.

So Eddie’s shouldn’t count either, considering he built his own platform and used the bar from his gym to do it?

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If Eddie’s bar was certified as meeting the official requirements by a non-biased judge then yes his record should count

What is this in strongman? And what of the platform?

A heavily used bar is rarely the standard in a big comp: equipment trends to be newly manufactured.

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I doubt they use any of the stuff from his gym but rather they send out all brand new equipment etc. 100k on the line and what ever Eddie’s ego is worth LOL

They will have official officials and it will be in as official of a setting as possible. :smiley: