Eddie Hall Tore A Bicep

Some sad news right here… always enjoyed watching Hall, Shaw, and Oberst goof around

I have to say, of all the ways I thought that a strongman would tear their bicep, that wouldn’t have been one I guessed.

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Won’t be able to see it. How did he do it and is it weirder than Benni Magnusson’ hamstring tear?

Robert Oberst, Eddie and Larry all tore their biceps. Can we just remove the bicep and replace it with like leather or something? Damn thing never does what we want it to.

He was supposed to be clotheslined by two wrestlers. As he was about to fall over, he was gonna hit head first so he tried to break the fall by clinging to the wrestlers. Just heard a snap. It’s at 1:55 of the video. @mattjp he said he’s gonna release the video of it, I’m just not sure if on YouTube or through the TV show they were shooting for. Wasn’t expecting that either

I’ll have to watch the video of Magnusson when I get home lol

@strongmanvinny2 I have yet to watch Larry’s video on it. Gym bro’s favorite muscle is Strongman’s kryptonite.

wouldn’t say Eddie’s was weirder (Not sure if weird is the right adjective)…Magnuson most likely had an existing tear already and aggravated it when he was psyched up and jumped around. But yeah, magnuson’s was a little weird