Eddie Hall Bodybuilder?

I think because he is such a massive human it is hard to tell how much muscle he has and what shape there is. I think from memory he is around 6ft 2 and something like 165kg (363 lbs). That means he could lose 35kg (77lbs) and still be a massive unit. I do tend to agree though it is very hard to imagine he will ever be a nice shape for bodybuilding.

Even when he slimmed down to ‘only’ 340lbs for his boxing match, he was still shaped like a barrel. I imagine he’d have to be closer to 300 to be bodybuilding lean.


But a barrel is still a barrel, even though a fine barrel. Barrels can be useful in many aspects. Bodybuilding is not one of these examples. Why is he doing this?

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As others have said… to get attention.


Actually looking forward more to Larry Wheels doing classic physique, because slimmed down Larry actually has a good shape for that division.


I can’t help but love Eddie. I’ll watch whatever he does. He’s certainly not going to win any shows, but he’s one determined SOB, I bet he at least brings his conditioning up to par. Hell, if Branch can be successful, why not Eddie.

I assume by this you are referring to Branch Warren. I don’t think it would be fair to Branch to even mention Eddy along side him. Eddy was a good strongman, an even better self marketer, but no where near the level of this IFBB pro.

I don’t think Eddie will get a pro card or ever compare to Branch, I just think they both have the grit and perseverance to overcome the limitations of having a less-than-ideal bodybuilding bone structure.

Branch used to be super aesthetic. Big arms, tiny waist, great taper. Playing the size game and a ton of injuries kind of disfigured his physique. And even then, he always came in with granite conditioning. I think he actually looks pretty good right now too as a TRT civilian


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Dang! I didn’t know that. You right, that’s a legit pic. Wonder what would have happened if he didn’t go into the open and tried to play the 212 game.

I was going to say he was too early for 212, but apparently it started all the way back in 2011, while Branch competed until 2015.

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