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Eddie Hall 500 kg Deadlift

Agreed but it will never happen. The sport I love will likely remain underground and appreciated only by those who participate.

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Dont’ say never. It already DID happen. WPO was paying out real well back in the day. I have my thoughts on what it would take to bring it back, but I don’t think people would like them, haha.

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On the flip side, the competition is open to anyone who can qualify and seeing as there’s a good cash incentive we should see raw, non-strapped lifters comimg in, gear whoring it up and walking away with a cool 20k (or whatever the prize money is)

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I’m not of aware of anyone that has pulled even 100kg less (aka 400kg) as a lifetime drug free lifter. Its a completely level playing field

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I think mark henry was

Looked like he had a bit in the tank as well:

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He supposedly was drug-free yes. His 900+ pull was done in a tested meet so for what thats worth … And to play into @T3hPwnisher 's point - there is another immense talent we lost to a sport that pays much more (wrestling).

Who knows if he was really drug free but at the age he was pulling those numbers… who knows the numbera he’d have put up.

im not hating on him (or any other steroid user) … i have trained in the same gym has him and its evident that he puts in a lot of hardwork… its just the fact that it would not be physiologicaly possible for him to get that weight off the ground without the use of a drug… so either way you cut it… in my eyes… he had help in doing it.

why does it… please enlighten me.

Yeah you really know fuck all so I’m going to correct you. :smiley:Ignore this deluded bunch of juice monkeys here.

  1. You do not need to train while on juice to get big. The science says so. But then you’re still not strong thus you need to lift. So kudos to him for actually stepping in the gym unlike loser bodybuilders.

  2. He’s also wearing a deadlift suit, which adds a substantial amount of poundage to the lift since he’s basically sitting on a tramapoline.

  3. Steroids won’t only make him put on 100kg more to his lift. Here are the actual calculations:

Assuming lifting 0kg will make him a big dude(see Point 1), that already gives him the muscular potential to pull 600lbs. The use of strength roids that cause roid rage will put on the remaining 500lbs without the need to get bigger.

Now since he most likely doesn’t know what he’s doing as he never really learned how to train but, instead, upped his dose gram after gram when gains stalled, he would probably only pull 400lbs due to not maxing out his beginner gains.

Now let’s deduct what he’s getting out of the deadlift suit, lets say a little less than 100lbs and, viola!, we have an accurate estimate of what he would be able to pull without roids:


Hence, you will be able to out lift this big guy while still being a skinny fat natty beginner as long as you do your 5s within the first 6 months of training!

Alright, I’m done here. Time to head back to youtube to critique Konstantine’s deadlift form!


do i sense an underlying degree of sarcasm here? :smiley:

Nah I already said I respect the fact that he actually shows up at the gym to train. I’m not downplaying his achievements, just giving a realistic assessment of what a true natty can achieve so natties reading this thread don’t have false expectations.


fuck i dont think many of us would want to push it as far as eddie anyway. he’s riding a fine line between life and death… no doubt about it.

Yeah but I take great offence when juice monkys like him go around calling natties weak online. Hell, at 150lbs, I’ll still go mma on their asses and win if I could find them but, unfortunately, most don’t even show up in the gym to train.


yeah i agree there… people think theres a correlation between being able to lift heavy weights and fighting skill. it simply isnt true. there’s skinny guys who are strong as anything… its all relative

Dude pulls a thousand fucking pounds and people are knocking it,

Dear Baby Lifting Jesus, please come and wash away everyone.



I do too. The trick is to ask yourself, “Will I sound like a cunt if I post this?”, before you send your thoughts racing across the internet.

If you’re not quite sure, ask yourself “Do I have any idea what I’m talking about?”. If the answer is no, don’t post. Chances are, you’ll end up sounding like a cunt.


the facts are the facts… it doesnt really matter if you “know your shit” in this case. its impressive… but whats far more impressive is somebody deadlifting far less weight naturally. thats my opinion… end of.

Well I wasn’t commenting on your opinion, which I happen to think is foolish and uninformed.

I was just sharing what I do to avoid sounding like a cunt, which I have on occasion.