Eddie Hall 500 kg Deadlift

He did it today, with straps, at a competition in England. Smooth as hell and he damn near passed out after. Don’t know how to link the video but go on and google it. Insanity!

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I was there, Eddie and Jerry Pritchett made 465 look like speed reps (more so Eddie) and Benni managed to get 465 up too, although a little slower!

The atmosphere was amazing during the deadlifting champs!


i hate to sound like a cunt… i probably dont have a clue about what it takes to get where he is… but… i find that i loose a little respect for them based on the fact that these guys take gear to where they are. so based on that i feel that in part… they dont fully own the achievement as apposed to a guy that lifts 100 kg less off of his own steam.

again a reiterate… i am only stating this opinion as an outsider… i have fuck all knowledge of steroid use or strongman training.

I’m assuming by “gear” in this case you mean steroids … Steroid use is pretty widely accepted in powerlifting, strongman, and other strength sports. If thats how you feel you’re going to have a hard time appreciating the accomplishments of those who compete.

yeah i here you… bro im 160 pounds of fuck all so what do i know :smiley: i just find that the use of a substance to enhance performance in any sport… doesnt deserve the respect its given… but what do i know.

and yes… i mean steroids.

Uhh what do you know… Clearly not very much. Why does using steroids make someone’s achievements less impressive?

You are free to have any opinion you want.

As a strongman competitor that has never used steroids, I will tell you that your opinion is very stupid, but I support your right to have it.


wonder how much he could pull with no straps


As a strongman competitor, there is no question the grip strength is there.

whoa not saying its impressive without straps, but too say he could do the exact same weight with the exact same form is doubtful, just one of those what if questions, will he be a contender for WSM this year? I know his static strength is elite, whats his biggest weakness?

Yep, they all carried a 500kg frame up hill in the Arnold - eddie withdrew but lesser deadlifters carried the thing.

BTW, probably ends up being a smart move from Shaw pulling out. He would have been taking a split of chicken feed away.

I just understand the intent of the question to undermine his accomplishment. He did a raw push pull meet recently if you are really curious. Still pulled in the 9s on a whim.

nope not trying to undermine his achievement at all, its 500k lol, did he pull mix or hook grip? what did bench?

I would just google search to find you the answer to that. I dont know the info off the top of my head.

Just found it, 280, thats bannanas

SMH haters gonna hate… If Eddie had a mind to he could run a training cycle with no straps and break that record too, no doubt about it. But he’s a strongman and straps are allowed, and he just lifted more than any other human ever.

As soon as powerlifting starts paying as much as strongman, I’m sure we will see Eddie make the transition. The talent is going to follow the money.


I didn’t think he would do it. Insane.

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