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EDC Pocket Knife


Bumping this old thread.

current EDC is a SOG flash I. small, thin, very good slicer.

what are some of you currently carrying?

let's not go back and hash out the virtues & vices of carrying a knife

here is the link to the original thread.


Spyderco Delica 4 with Emerson.


I carry one of these.


Pic of above mentioned knife


very nice looking. what is that?


What I carry


Thanks! It's a Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton; fine-edge version.


SOG Trident


This used to be my EDC, but weapons policies in the workplace changed that.


very nice I love benchmade


Today's carry. Emersion Karambit, #101 out of the limited edition hand finished models that came out first.


Sad to hear. I fiddle with this while editing articles and when in meetings. It's my "desk knife." Love working for T-Nation.


Spyderco HQ is just down the road from T-Nation/Biotest, so I picked this up at the factory.


Case Baby Butterbean


I used to have a knife, but forgot to take it out of my pocket (habit I know) and went to the airport. TSA got my knife.


Nice knives! Also very evident barbell callouses in that pic lol. Rock on.


I really like opinels when I'm out hiking, but I do not carry a knife day to day.

That looks like it would come in handy for fighting African Hunting dogs csulli haha!


They would stand no chance.


What about a humanzee?


No chance. And neither would Jesse Ventura without his minigun.