ED while on TRT

Been on 120mg test cip per week (60mg 2x per week) for about 8 weeks now. Labs from 2 days ago show test at 860 Ng/Dl and estrodiol at 18 pg/dl. No ai blockers just test.

Anyways, I felt great at first, but now I feel like trash even after my recent labs. I’m pissed off, apathetic and depressed. Even worse, I have no sex drive and my dick will not get hard. That’s never been an issue ever in my life.

The doctor has no answers so I’m hoping you guys can help. Should I maybe increase my dose?

Thanks, Hunter

Labs below

That’s a little low, do you know what your prolactin level is?

You are missing a critical lab, the Free T and we can’t even calculate the Free T using SHBG. The estrogen is suboptimal and should be closer to 35 pg/mL.

I might also mention I had period after starting Jetanzo where I didn’t feel my best having felt amazing the first week, then after several weeks of feeling unwell things started to turn around for the best and erections started becoming more frequent.

It can take a while for the body to adapt to TRT.

Updated labs below. Thanks a ton

You have testosterone levels that are on the high end of the normal range and healthy, and you have e2 levels that are comparatively low. You’re feeling exactly how I’d expect you to be feeling.

Estradiol is neuroprotective , cardio protective, and highly anabolic. When it’s low you don’t feel great. Yours is low. That your doctor was baffled by this is both typical and alarming all at once.


What should I do in this case?

Testosterone is converted to estrogen, so more testosterone equals more estrogen.

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A close friend had a similar issue. His doctor gave him estrogen pills and it solved the problem.

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Either up the dose to 160mg/wk or switch to 1 single shot a week in order to stimulate a spike in E.

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Show prolactin. E2 prob not the issue. Guys here love e2 due to danny lol

Have you ever tried supplementing with pregnenolone or progesterone? Some people are having success boosting their Progesterone numbers when suffering from Estrogen dominance symptoms.