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ED Problems on TRT. Low Free Test and High SHBG

I will explain my story from the beginning. Back in the 90’s when I was 24 years old, I did a cycle for three months. The cycle included: Deca, Test cyp, Winstrol, Proviron, Anavar and Primabolan. After the cycle I didn’t do any pct, so I crash completely. For years I had problems with erections, but I recovered. Then in my early thirties I started taking Cialis, and my ED was totally fixed, finally my sexual life was great. I check my hormones and they were great: My TT was 650, my free T was 16, estrogen around 22. Then my wife decided that I should have a vasectomy, so I did it. About three months after the vasectomy, I started to experience ED again. I went to check my hormones and they were horrible. My TT was 300, my free T was 7.5, y SHBG was 54. The vasectomy damaged my hormones. So I decided to start TRT.
My protocol is:
140 mg test cypionate in divided doses twice a week
Sermorelin sub lingual at nightime
0.25 anastrazole once a week
With this protocol my ED is still bad.
Should I inject 140mg once a week instead of twice a week. I red somewhere that once a week is better for guys with high SHBG.

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