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ED Post Cycle Week 2


Been on PCT for 2 weeks and experiencing ED. Big time. My sex drive also has gone way down predictably compared to On-Cycle.

My cycle was 8 weeks of Test-Cyp 300mg E3D
Adex .25mg ED, continued Weeks 8-10
Clomid protocol from Newbie Thread

Testies coming back with the Clomid but what to do about my ED? Needless
to say I am panicking a bit.


Take a couple of things into account...

You're in the middle of your PCT. Your body is working its way back to homeostasis. Don't expect it to be a smooth run. You also just went from running 600mg of test per week, down to your body's natural production levels (that's IF your body is fully functioning right now, which there's a 99% chance it isn't).

Give it Til the end of PCT. If you're still having issues, then come back.


I suspected this explanation was right. Thank you. I also have a RX for Viagra,
Never used it though.
Should that help?


uhh, try it and see? lol


week 3 your boy should start working again.

By week 4 i could do two a days. Weeks 1 and 2 were fucking brutal though. Smashing and wham limp penor

go head bloods done. If you go to a TRT doc who specializes in the field they can monitor and help create a remedy


off the top of my head, i'd say next time, back the A-dex to EOD in weeks 9-10, and use Nolva or Tore instead of Clomid....