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ED or EOD for Stables Gear Levels?


I was doing some calculation based on the half life and I was comparing to different protocols.
100mg EOD for average of 350mg per week (14 days at 7 X 100mg)
50mg ED for 350mg per week.

the half-life I used is 1 day. (Test Prop)

so option 1:
day 1 : 100mg
day 2 : 50mg
day 3 : 25mg + new injection 100mg : total 125mg

and option 2:
day 1: 50mg
day 2: 25mg + new injection 50mg : total 75mg...

for 28days

for option 1, I see variation that switch from 66mg to 133mg each day. Average yield is 98mg per day. Average Deviation is 32.5

for option 2, I see a much much stable level, holding steady at 100mg after 3-4 days until the end. Average yield is 95mg. Standard Deviation 8.4!!

Based on these parameters, I figure this ester would be much more preferable at ED.

I redid the same computation with 2 days half life. Option 2 is also much more stable.

Am I going wrong with this?


I don't understand your question.

If you want 350mg a week, inject 50mg a day. For the first two weeks or so, your levels will build up, and then eventually they will level off almost perfectly.

To counter this, we use a frontload, injecting a bigger amount on the first day.


Actually what I included in my calculations are the actual total mg per day, taking in account lasts' injections' half lifes...

I wanted to see the difference between administering ED or EOD.

by qty administered, they are the same, I agree. 350mg / wk each.

However, when looking at the mg remaining in the body at a given point in time during the cycle, both protocol differ vastly.

ED gives very stable levels
EOD does not.

I understand what you say, but the effects of front loading will dissipate past the first couple of days for a short esthered molecule like test prop. My case studies mainly fast acting T's.


I've always used Roid Calc for my calculations, and have never gone out of my way to do the math. Because of this, I have no proof to back up what I say, only that many people use Roid Calc, someone did the math to design the site, and ED injections have worked great for me.

EDIT: I just realized I read your first post wrong.

I was thinking you were injecting different amounts each day.

I'm sorry man.


you guys really overthink this crap...do you SERIOUSLY think in it going to make that much difference? personally for short acting drugs every day has always been my protocol, is there going to be a detectable difference in overall results all things considered...NO. One exception might be tren in that side effects are generally minimized by shooting ED.


YES MP, it does.

The gains are the same, that is true.. but for SOME MEN injecting on a less frequent basis increases acne, aggression and water retention (due to the higher peaks and lower troughs).

However, relentless you are overthinking this. And in such a way that overcomplicates a relatively simple theory.

It should not take 'calculations' to work out why the blood levels are more stable the more frequently you inject. EVERY drug is more stable the more frequently it is ingested (no, not just steroids).

All you are doing is taking the really simple basics of pharmocokinetics, and making it sound ten times more complex than it is. I struggled to follow your post and i understand the theory behind it better than you do!


OH, i certainly agree with that, even on hrt doses i inject frequently to avoid those very issues...my feeling is that these guys are typically after the magical sequence that will make all the difference in terms of muscle mass accumulation. of which , there is none


I agree.

People (seem to) gain as much muscle on a once a week shot of T and Deca as they do on a 'protocol' (i LOVE that word, that word alone gives a man a degree without stepping foot in uni!) involving EOD injections.

It does not have to be as complex as it often can seem in order to get results, but the thing is there are two ways to do approach it IMO, (well 3 if you include 'the wrong way'!) 'an effective way' and 'the optimal way' - or as us Taoists say 'The way'.

'The optimal way' minimises sides wile maximising desired results, while 'an effective way' is simple, basic but flawed, albeit not in the level of results available - and is how you used your AAS for the large part MP i believe, and is how i started out - until i discovered the world of AAS info online and endojournals!.

The reason the specifics get so much air-time here i think is down to three things:
1) We enjoy the discussion
2) If we didn't there would be SFA to talk about, and
3) A sense of obligation to provide the most accurate, current and safest information.

Chuck in some tough love and androgen induced aggressive/Alpha Male attitude - and you have our home!


Really Brook, I would have never guessed! My favorite

Both praise and blame cause concern,
For they bring people hope and fear.
The object of hope and fear is the self;
Without self, to whom may fortune and disaster occur?

Distinguish self from world
and you may be given the world,
But identify self with world
and you may accept the world.


lol good one Brook! I have to agree with your bullet points here.

Howevwe it was purely for personnal understanding of the relationship between half-lifes, and stable levels. I figured out pretty quickly like you said that more frequent injections are better.

I'm not after a secret recipe, I know they don't exist-for the most part. So in that respect, I do not qualify myself as "one of those". I was trying to get a better handle on the theory. I might've over-analysed... but then again, it goes in line with Brook's #1 point.

Right now I'm only 3 injections of Test prop 100mg EOD, so I can't say much about sides that far in. I feel a bit light headed and have a bit of pressure which wasn't there at the base of the skull...

But then again, it might very well be the 2 giant Red Bulls I;ve drinking at work these days... lol

fyi cycle is still
100mg Test Prop EOD
50mg Stanozolol ED
currently front loading .5mg letro EOD for 5 doses, then lowering to 0.25EOD.

About letro, should I feel something? I mean, I can't say my mood is changing really, don't feel like crap, the pump is coming a lot quicker and fuller...

guess I should wait 3-4 more days to start really feeling the test prop

thanks for the input guys


Do you mind injecting? If you don't, you might as well switch to ED. The volume will be less, and needles aren't expensive at all.


No shit.

I believe in the Way. I do not meditate to attain pure comprehension and oneness with the Way, but i do keep mindful of such things - but alas am as flawed as my fellow man..

I believe in the philosophies in Tao Te Ching and The Art of War for example, and find many answers in such books.

I am not a spiritual man though, and do not believe in a higher intelligence, as such Taoism suits my beliefs near perfectly.
The Way in my mind is chemistry and physics, from the grass and the soil to the tail of a comet and the depths of space.

We are all children of the stars, and the Way will eventually bring each and every one of us home.



+1 Brook ; )

Nah , I don't mind injecting at all. I'd have to reduce to 50mg per day instead of 100mg EOD then.