ED on TRT That I Didn't Have Before

Not to mention

  • palpitations
  • PSA went up to 4.5
  • bloated
  • more anxious

Only benefit is a little more muscle LOL thats it. I feel the same.

I read other people experience the same erectile issues that they never had before.

I’m tired of this and I’m probably gonna get off

I’m only at week 9 and I’m just gon cold turkey and hopefully recover

my natty levels before were 360-450

too much shit to monitor and try to “dial in” (hate that stupid word) not to mention im on a low dose. My testosterone is only 766ng.

My estrogen went up to 71 and people will tell me is all estrogen, estrogen is the cause of your problem

if TRT means taking an AI for life then i dont want it fuck that

also there is no guarantee it will fix my issues, and it will do nothing for my elevated PSA either

I google a lot about this and many who have perfect e2 still have this issues, or developed it after 1 or 2 years anyway.

Its possible TRT messes up a lot more hormones than the ones that appear on regular trt labs tbh

similarly, is possible that TRT overstimulates the nervous system causing too much dopamine which could result in a dopamine crash resulting in poorer erections

Also TRT can thicken the blood in many people, the penis needs good blood flow

Join the club, don’t let anyone steer you away from the thought it is anything other than hormones.

No amount of blue berries, coconut oil, personal life coaches or motivational speakers are going to make a difference.

What is your weekly dose of T? Whats the range for that E2? 766 TT with 71 e2 is extremely unlucky.

All these for me means E2 is out of whack.

For some, the problem is the ester isn’t short enough, cypionate stays in your system longer, more opportunity to convert to other hormones and disrupt other hormones. The cypionate ester will spike the estrogen higher than if natural, which is why a lot of men end up with higher estrogen.

A shorter ester, Jatenzo for an example, spikes high fast and also drops equally as fast, decreasing the conversion to other hormones, similar to when natural. The net result is lower estrogen because your average testosterone level is lower compared to someone on cypionate.

I couldn’t handle more than 450 ng/dL on cypionate without side effects, however I can handle 1052 ng/dL on Jatenzo, without those sides effects.

The difference is the half-life, 6 hours vs 7 days.

But isn’t your E2 higher now than it was on Cyp

Again im on a low dose. If i were to lower my dose i might as well return to being natural at 360-450

Apparently I aromatize easily and Im not fat, not ripped either. I shouldn’t aromatize this much with only 766ng

Maybe is genetic

If this means i need to take an AI for life so TRT works for me then I don’t want it.

Many people don’t tolerate AI and it can come with side effects. Another problem is it will make e2 fluctuate the whole week, so I may see some improvements in sexual function and other times I won’t

Adding an AI doesn’t guarantee it will fix my issue

It also doesn’t guarantee that it will do anything for my palpitations and elevated PSA

I already have some mild discomfort when urinating clearly my prostate has swollen

Too many variables and things that could change week to week

I refuse to accept i need to take an AI for the rest of my life if i want trt to work

My dose is low already and im not hcg or anything hcg would raise my e2 even higher

I stopped using my cream for 3 days now i feel the same im actually feel more calm and my erection are already stronger

Then drop the TRT.

I’m not advocating that you remain on TRT if you believe that you would be happier not being on TRT. I will just share with you my experience when starting TRT. I was put on 100mgs Test Cyp E7D when I first started TRT. My pre TRT total T was 352 E2 was 17. After 4 weeks my trough total T was 302 and my E2 was 51. I felt terrible and had many of the unwanted sides associated with high E. My dosage was increased to 100mg E5D and eventually as i became leaner and I feel my body adapted my E2 came down naturally. This took several months. I now take 60-70mg twice a week and my E2 is around 30-35. I never take an AI. I feel great. It is possible that given some time and effort, you may not need an AI.

Im already 3 days without and my erection are returning, i feel a bit more calm, my face seems to be a little less bloated

My prostate has clearly enlarged as now when i urinate i some discomfort in the back of my jumk where the prostate is

I also feel the need to urinate more often now

It was not like this before TRT

I could give an AI a try and go back to the cream and see how i do but i have a feeling it wont solve all my issues especially the prostate one

I could still have palpitations which suck ass

Not to mention the longer I continue the harder itll be to come off and the longer to restart

Im at almost 10 weeks without the 3 days off

That TT in the 700s is trough on what protocol? If you are doing ED/EOD I personally wouldn’t put up with it as you said your natty levels weren’t too bad. But if thats trough on e3.5 - 7days you have to take into account on average your number is way higher than what you were natty, hence may be worth the effort if you deem so.

I dont feel much different tho i added a bit of muscle that could be from me working our harder and more consistent thinking trt will give me gains

I was very sporadic and inconsistent before

What do i do about my ocassional palpitations which I didn’t have before trt? My PSA went up to 4.5 which is dangerous territory and im feeling the effects of it having discomfort when pain i never had before i can literally feel my prostate is bigger after peeing

I feel just as anxious if not more anxious than always

Maybe it gave a little more energy snd muscle but thats it

People keep telling is e2 but this mean i need an AI for the rest of life? I dont like that and it doesn’t guarantee my issues will be solved by the AI

I could give a shot for a few weeks and see but then im staying longer and making recovery longer the longer i stay on trt

Its not panacea i read about maybe is not for me

If it was me, and I am stressing the me part, I would either jump on ai or stop the TRT as simple as that. I would lean trying the AI first just to absolutely rule out that TRT ain’t for me. You never tried an AI so you don’t even know how you will react and you got lots of room to play with before you actually dangerously crash your E2.

What about your free T, DHT? What was your E2 pre trt?

My free t now is 19.5

Before trt it was 8.5 and my e2 was 24.5

My biggest concern is erections

My psa has always been high but not like this before trt it was 3.2

I think i have chronic prostatitis

Im willing to give AI a shot for a month and see othersise im out

No point beinf trt if i cant get hard properly

The high DHT conversion of topicals is not recommended for those with prostate problems, especially prostatitis.

I chose the cream cause it increase blood markers less

My hct went from 43 to 47

If id be on injections it’s probably be almost 50

It sucks to say, and I am no doctor and I may be wrong, but you may be that unlucky that even on a low dose you maybe just can’t do T only and nothing else. Atleast just not at the start, as some other dude here said he stopped converting as much as time went by.

I don’t know why I aromatize so much for only 766ng i mean thats pretty pathetic ive read of people with 1000ng with only 45 e2 with zero AI and some even on hcg on top

Im not fat fat my bodyfat is probably around 20% not terrible even if i was leaner the difference probably be negligible

Seems to be genetic im hispanic and have native american genes i wonder if that plays a role

I may try the AI for one month and see how i feel. One month is not that long and i could still quit bu then would be 3 months on trt so

My biggest concern is erection i dont care much anything else

I can deal with the higher PSA and all that stuff but if my dick aint gon work even with boner pills then im out

Read of many people whose these boner pills stopped working on trt for whatever reason due to lower libido or whatever

Yes after a certain point of E2 forget about it, I don’t care if I take 1000000mg of viagra, not happening.

While TRT has messed it up somewhat regardless for me when I control the E2 at least the pills work again even if not 100 percent perfect

No cardio and being a couch potato who just lifts weights may be the issue here but regardless with that in mind for me, let E2 go wild no erection or control E2 and get something.

Besides all the sides that you mentioned higher E2 also absolutely wrecks my damn sleep.

My sleep is fine

You wouldn’t have those issue if you were off trt

The pills would work much better probably

Cause e2 lowers automatically and no AI is needed to control it and trt to raise so is always at an ideal level

Testosterone plays little role in erections

Many people woth 100ng who have zero erectile issues

Yeah when I say control E2 I mean in any manner not just AI.

Then why be on trt if is gon make erections worse than pre trt

Makes no sense to me