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ED on Test Cycle


I’m currently on week 11 of 12 of a test e cycle. 250 mg x2 and or so ago I started experience ed, no morning wood and shitty libido. I’ve been running a-dex .25 m-w-f since day one Things seemed fine through out the whole cycle until now. Any input on what it could be from ?!?


Crashed your e2 with arimidex. That’s the most likely scenario here. Either halve the dose or discontinue - AI’s scare the hell out of me and I won’t be using one when I jump into AAS.


Like @flappinit said, its likely you crashed your E2. Just stop the Adex now and use Nolva for your PCT. For future reference, you probably dont need an AI at 250/week


I’m pinning 250 twice a week. I been running adex from the beginning and got bloods a little over a month ago and my test was around 2500 and my estrogen was at 72 which said it was on the higher side the only change was I cut back to 300 mg a week on week 10. I did cut the a dex about a week ago but still no change. Would you recommend hcg before pct? Also how should should I run my pct I have 25mg nolva caps and 50 mg clomids . Thanks


Sorry. I didnt see the 500/week.

You need to read @physioLojik’s post on estrogen. If you dont know, he’s a competitive BBer, who is also an Endo who treats TRT patients. He says that high estrogen in the presence of high Test is a good thing. Its the low Test in the presence of high E2 that creates most of the E2 issues. He also only advocates using Nolva since its a SERM and still allows some of the benefits of estrogen (i.e. bone density, libido, muscle growth).


Alright I’ll check him out. So I’ve been off the arimidex but still having ed issues, any thoughts ?


kinda having the same issue my self… wonder if it’s just end of cycle lag or what


Yeah it’s been about 2 weeks since I dropped the arimidex and still no change. I even have viagra and it works but not like it should


My blood pressure was extremely high for quite a while so could have to do with that to maybe


i skipped 2 days of aromasin and and i started getting hard again, think i was just keeping my E2 very low.


Damn I been off my a dex 2.5 weeks still an issue cialis works tho


Last time I crashed my E2 it took 6+ weeks to recover. Be patient and hang in there.


I’m getting the e2 sensitive test tomorrow to see where I’m at. Did cialis or viagra work when you crashed ?


I refuse to use them. I think they are addictive to the psyche.