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ED On/Off cycle (Singhbuilder?)


From what I've seen SB has had a similar issue so if you can chime in then great.

Basically, I have run 2 cycles previous to the one I'm on now (6 weeks into test e)

The first was 250mg test e (9 weeks) with 25mg dbol for 3 weeks. Went great, didnt use HCG on cycle though (privacy issues) and towards the end of the cycle testicular atrophy really kicked in. For PCT I ran clomid / DAA. Balls got a little bigger but still not close to before cycle size

Second cycle (about 3 months after the first) was test prop @ 400mg for 4 weeks. After this cycle I did Scally's PoWeR PCT. Balls increased in size during but shrunk again after

I then waited for a number of momths before using HCG / clom / nolva again. Restart seemingly did not work.

The testicular size doesn't bother me greatly. However, somewhere after the first cycle I began to experience ED issues. I was studying abroad at the time and getting laid was the last thing on my mind, so I'm not sure exactly when it became an issue. I got bloodwork before my first cycle (14.5nmol test - 0 fsh) and have just got it done again midway into my 3rd run. I never had any issue with ED before I touched aas. I think the chances of a pituatory tumour are slim as my balls shrunk due to aas and ED started then or soon after. I could be wrong.

Let me talk you through my rationale:

I got off my first cycle, got ED, tried and failed to recover so went back on. The test I was using for the 2nd cycle was from an ugl and had a questionable rep at the time due to fakes floating around. I was on for 4 weeks but still had ED. I reasoned it could be fake / different compound (though i was gaining so didnt think it was inert) so I would get off whatever it was and try and recover. I am using pharma test now (as I did my first cycle) and hoped that all would be good.

3 weeks in I realised this wasn't the case so got bloods checked. Test is off the charts, liver / kidney function / cholesterol is fine. Surprisingly, estrogen was also in range (I was hoping this would be the problem). I am not sure if prolactin was checked as the doctor gave me the results over the phone - is this likely to be checked as part of a standard aas blood panel? Given my relatively mild cycle history I can only assume this isn't the problem. Again, correct me if I'm wrong. I'm using HCG on cycle btw.

I'm 22 and really don't want to be dealing with this nonsense. I haven't tried cialis / viagra / proviron etc etc yet, and tbh I would rather get to the root of the probem than throw more drugs at it. If anyone can chime in I would really appreciate it. I did a lot of research before using aas and never heard of this problem on cycle unless using deca / tren so I really don't know what direction to go in.


You need blood work ASAP.


Yup, get the blood work done.

In the meantime, let me ask; any morning wood?


Just got it done guys. Got the results back yesterday. Everything is In range. What should I be looking for though? I'm not sure if prolactin was checked but everything that the clinic considers aas related is in range. Morning wood: every now and again, it's a weak erection though. I'm certain it's not psychological if that's what you're getting at


Well kind of what I was getting at. I'm a bit older than you and never had any issues until I started TRT. Ow, at first you are a sexual T-Rex then you start reading and thinking. One little lackluster performance in the bedroom and the performance anxiety starts. If your numbers came back in range, your BP is good, you got some morning wood, then I think you're alright. 90 percent of sex is between the ears and not the thighs.

PM me if you want another idea, it's not appropriate here.


E2 could be highish. The range could go up to 44, does not mean it is optimal. Post the results with the ranges.


Doublelung: My PMs aren't working right now. Ill get in touch as soon as they are. Morning wood is veryyy infrequent and it is still weak as hell. I honestly don't think it's psychological though, I've never suffered from performance anxiety / never not been able to get it up etc

Nik: interesting theory. I don't have the numbers but was told it was in range. It could explain why I'm suffering off cycle too right? Ill double the AI dose and see how it works out. Hopefully ill know in a couple of days. I won't hold my breath but hey you never know


You need to get a copy of your labs with the ranges. You are a paying customer you have every right to receive a copy. Just because you are in "range" doesn't mean your fine some of the time.

The ranges that are set aren't age and health dependent, they are grouped together by everybody that uses that lab. So your labs aren't compared to someone identical to you, there paired with someone in there early 20s with great genetics to some fat fuck with diabetes that's never touched a weight and eats like shit.

Get a copy of your labs and post them here with the ranges.


Ok like most have said you need the reference ranges, values and units for your blood work. Get those from your doc first.
We need LH, FSH, Oestrogen, Test, Free Test (if checked) and prolactin if checked.

You are right in saying more drugs are not needed (Viagra, Cialis etc) right now.
You mention your blood work before cycle, your test was normal but your FSH was 0? What about your LH?

IF oestrogen comes out at low-normal, then that is probably not your problem. Prolactin COULD be a culprit, only explanation being your test may some how be mixed with a 19-nor (not sure how if it is genuinely pharm-grade from a PHARMACY, not from your local supplier claiming its pharm-grade or the bottle saying "pharm-grade"). If you are from the UK, I know of a brand going around claiming it is pharm-grade, in reality it is not but is marketed very well.

There are so many things that could affect an erection trust me i've been there.



I agree on the bloodwork, I'll see what I can do. LH and FSH are 0 right now, yes FSH was 0 before I touched anything (but I did slam my gf about 3 times the night before LOL). Test was in range but low for 20yo (430). Test is off the charts right now. I really doubt it's prolactin related, first cycle I used testoviron now I'm using Greek Norma test. She did say the AI 'appears' to be working so I'm just hoping its slightly high and that's the issue. Ill get the results if I can.

What could this be if not e2? Is it possible I'm hypogonadal so can no longer get a proper erection? Biologically I suppose it makes sense that if you're not fertile there's no need to get an erection


Ok, remember me saying 90% of sex is between the ears and not the thighs? Try this, and I will put it as discreetly as I can. Assuming you are like most guys, oral sex is up there on their list. It's a great test, but then don't think about it as a test. You get to lay back and enjoy yourself, you have no need to worry about preforming. Sex should start in the morning, but only in your head; the act will be there at night. Adding a little red wine and some candles may not hurt either.

God I hope that all come out right!