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Ed Norton American History X

This topic was just brought up on another message board. I was wondering if anyone knew what training routine he used to bulk up for that movie.

yea, its a routine called STEROIDS.

Seen the movie and i think it was great, but which one is ed norton by the way? They all look like they were in really good shape while in jail. I guess jail does have one good advantage, working out.

which one is ed norton? the main character! Seriously, that guy is an amazing actor. I saw an interview with him and the guy asked him if he used steriods to bulk up and he didn’t say no but he kind of had a “you do what you gotta do” attitude. Plus he was really skinny to start with so gaining 20 lbs probably wasn’t that hard.

d-bol all the way. his cheeks even looked puffy compared to, let say, fight club where he was just a little skinny middle aged guy.

if you look closely, a lot of it was just good camera work. You’ll notice in some clips that hes isn’t that big at all. They can make any average sized guy look a lot bigger with the camera. But yes, he did probably gain a good 15-20 lbs. of muscle. Steroids? Definitely.