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Ed Koo Squats 705


For all to enjoy. This is amazing.


Thats sick how much does this guy weigh?


I'm pretty sure he lifts in the 198's. Awesome squat. I got to see him at the LA Fit Expo this year. Great lifter.


Ed weighs about 213, he trains at Super Training with Mark Bell and has a log on the forum of their site. In the second post on this page he mentions his weight:

He can deadlift too! Pulls 700 like a joke here.

I think he is getting ready for USPF Nationals that are right around the corner. Super Training could have quite the turnout. I wish all those guys the best of luck.


I don't want to be bad, and maybe I'm missing something, but does this warrant a thread??

Like 705 at 213 pretty damn good, not saying it isn't, just surprised there's a thread!!

Dude's got a SICK build tho.... like thick as hell and his DL proportions are just awesome. Anyone know what he benches??

Supertraining's got some great lifters.


Maybe I'm missing something, but does the above warrant a post? :wink:


I didn't know if he was 198 or 220. Does he plan to cut down to 198?


He will be lifting in the 198's at Nationals. The USPF sounds like it's moving back to what it used to be.


this guy is awesome


His log mentions hitting 475 and missing 500.