ED Issues

I recently switched to Aromasin as I over respond to Adex.
I started with 7.5mg e3d, felt amazing the first few days, but after the second dose I was down in the dumps.

Pissed off about every and anything, No sex drive…didn’t think about sex, or even want to watch porn.
When I forced myself to watch some, no wood. So, I took a week off, and back came my drive and mood.
The thing I did notice with aromasin and the low E2 was that my joints didn’t ache like they do when I go to low on E2 with Adex, but my libido is always a great indicator as to where I am. I am going to start over tomorrow at 2.5mg E3d and see how it progresses. I wish I could go to LEF or private MED labs, but I live in one of the four states that prohibits it.

Moral of the story, everyone is somewhat unique chemically. Learn to listen to the signs your body / mind are showing you with regards to AI’s.

Have you guys ever considered Proviron for your issues? It is technically illegal as it is a “steroid” but depending on your risk tolerance, it may be worth looking into.

Looks like my 25mg eod is way too much - what are others using for aromasin dosages? As far as proviron I have given it some thought but what I read is it works by freeing up T - I already have plenty of free T due to my low shbg

I can’t speak for VT, but I think I have read that he is also an over responder to Adex, and that he uses 12.5mg E3D (correct me if I am wrong Mr. Balla). I told my story above, and I am dialing back my dosage based on emotional and physiological responses. 25mg does sound hi, do you have access to testing to see where you are ?
Also, did you end up getting that liquid V I told you about ?

I don’t know if I would call myself an over responder. The way KS Man phrases it, an over responder would bottom out his E2 levels with a normal dose (1 mg/week ) of adex. When I was on 1 mg/week of adex, my E2 was fine in the mid 20’s, so definitely wasn’t bottoming out. But would absolutely wreck my erection quality.

I made the switch to aromasin and things improved dramatically. E2 is still in the mid 20’s, so it has more to do with the mechanism of action (at least for me) than how far it drops the E2, it would appear.

Re: Proviron. Freeing up T is the indicated method of action, but I think it goes beyond that. Guys on AAS cycles with high T have PLENTY of Free T, yet will throw in some Proviron (or its oil based equivalent Masteron) and instantly have raging libido and erections. There is something more going on than just Free T it would seem. What it is, I have no idea.

I would say the 25mg eod I am taking is most likely way too much ? That could be as many as four pills of 25mg in a seven day period ? what amount are other aromasin users protocol ? VT - what is your dose - I thought I once read 12.5mg twice a week or is it e3d like PKNY thinks?

Have not tried the liguid-v - think I will order some this weekend - thanks again

25 mg of aromasin is equivalent to 1 mg of adex, so just take the equivalent

I use 12.5 mg twice per week


I am also in SC and have just started TRT, but I am afraid my doc (endo) really doesn’t know what he is doing (surprise!) I have a lot of questions and concerns and he doesn’t seem to be able to answer very many of them, or he just laughs and says “You have really done your homework, haven’t you?”. At the mention of an AI or HCG he nearly fell out of his chair. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction as far as your doc? I don’t want to break any forum rules, but could your send me a pm or an email?

I am working on starting my own thread but I want to make sure I have all my info in line first, you guys are very detail oriented!

This forum is awesome though, thanks for such a great resource!

Your TSH over 2 indicates a possible problem you need a full thyroid panel asap. KSman would suggest you check your iodine intake and start logging your body temperatures.

Your DHEA is at the low end, get a good supplement 25mg should be alright. Check cortisol. You definitely need to get E2 under control that takes some tweaking and experimenting. Your IGF1 is low you appear to be deficient, very expensive, but makes a huge difference if you can get it, good luck getting a prescription, could try an anti aging clinic. Check prolactin and get more labs if you can while you’re at it like ferretin, prenognelone, progesterone, b-12, d25, and CBC.