ED Issues

Hello to all ! Where do I start ?

40yrs. old , 6’3" , 265 lbs. , lift weights and walk - belly fat around mid-section , receeding hair-line , little hair below knees

The major symptom I have from low T is ED. No brain fog or other issues just ED. It has been a long ten year + journey with little help.

After endos , urologists , etc. found a small practise that “specializes in hormone replacement”.

Currently on trt trifecta (1st doctor I have found to allow such and understand need of): 60 mg. (twice week) injected test-cyp. , .25 hcg x3 week , .25 arimidex x2 week

Labs (although limited) prior to treatment :

Test Total 174 (348-1197)
TSH 2.330 (.450-4.500)
IGF-1 161 (109 - 284)
T3 118 (71-180)

Latest Labs (taken 1 day prior to next t-shot) :

Test Total 545 (348-1197)
Free T 19 (8.7-25.1)
Estradiol 19.1 (7.6-42.6)
SHBG 16.1 (16.5-55.9)

With Free T being so high I would assume it would have helped ED. Generally the goal is to reduce SHBG but the low SHBG could be playing a role ?

So my questions are :

  1. any ideas ?
  2. did anybody have success treating ED and how ? Cialis , etc. not working just giving a flushed face and nasal congestion
  3. Anybody else wtih low SHBG and are you having same issue ?

Thanks for everyones’ help.

You could try l-Arginine… opens up blood vessels (did for me). 5g a day, you can get 1g tabs from Amazon for a reasonable price.

I’ve been on Levitra, face flush yes (not as much anymore as at first), but it did help me.

SHBG: Mine is right on the top of the range (71 with a peak of the normal range of 71)… wish it was far less (less drag against Free T. Primary cause of my low T problems.

This is a tricky issue…many guys with pre-existin ED do not seem to get the appropriate relief from TRT. This is a subject that fascinates me, mainly because I don’t know the answer.

Did you check DHT? It is critical for sexual functioning. It takes some guys to get this level up if it is low before, and may require more test. I would start there.

dean’s sugestion for L-Arginine is also good…I have heard some good things about this. There is also a thread here, by a guy named (I think) “wannabebig” where he talks about a supplement that is supposed to help. I blocked him because he was an annoying idiot, so I may not even have the name right, but you could try looking around. The supp may have even been L-Arginine. I’ll try to dig it up later tonight.

Other issues to consider:
-Mitochondria function (CoQ10)
-Dopamine/Seratonin (SSRI’s, dopamine antagonists)
-Blood Pressure
-Heart Disease
-Blood thickness (RBC/HGB/HCT)

Are you on any other medications?

Thanks so much guys for the quick response.

VT- DHT level is going to be checked next - my concern there is the thinning hair on my head is usually DHT related so can it actually be low ? and then if it is low what next ? I believe you can get DHT cream but not is the US

Doc also has me on the following supplements : 1. Iodoral 2. Selenium 3. Vit-D 4. L-Arginine Powder Mix - I have also tried Ginko

One thing I think I have noticed is that when I take the Arimidex my system seems to be overall worse for a few days like the E-2 was brought down too low but the recovery is nothing great either (just slightly overall better sometimes as days go on after the pill is taken)

Until you have this its hard to understand just how terrible of a thing it is for you and your wife or girlfriend

Thanks again

Cpl things I saw in your info: with Adex @ .25 twice per week and E2 at 19, its safe to say that you are an over responder to that drug. You probably do not need to take it at all. I went through the same issues with that stuff, and although it does not give me ED issues, it does make me feel tired, and I lose interest in sex for a few days. E2 is necessary for a good sex drive and wood, too low is just as bad as too high.

Second, are you taking 60mg T per week or 60mg 2x per week ? I would think that with 560ish its 2x30mg shots ? Many men do not get relief from ED or recover their drive until they reach the 800 range, perhaps your doc would up your dose ? If he does, than you may need the Adex. Third, at 6"3 265 how is your blood pressure ? It can be an issue, and is usually one of the culprits in ED. You should check into your glucose too, you may have some pre-diabetic condition or insulin resistance. Fourth, F*&k Cialis, go for Viagra, it works faster and throughout the last ten years I have always lived by the motto “You don’t have to need it, to take it.” I order the liqid (research chem) version online, and the shit hits like a hammer, I am 43 but it makes me feel like I am in high school again in that department, my wife calls me “The Man of Steel.”

Lastly, don’t embarrassed bro, its an issue that millions deal with everyday, you are getting help and looking for answers instead of suffering. This board is a wealth of information, and I bet somewhere along the way you will find someone with a story similar to yours, and it will be the key to your issue.
Good Luck.

Don’t worry about how to address the DHT until you have confirmed the problem–it is not productive.

I forgot to mention that I had issues with Adex myself. I switched to Aromasin, and tested my E2. They were roughly the same value on both meds, but I had much less sexual side effects with Aromasin compared to Adex. Something to consider. A couple other guys have confirmed this as well after I mentioned they give it a try.

VTBalla you are correct no need to jump the gun lets see what it is

I am actually using Anastrozole (sub for arimadex) - tell me a little more about the aromasin - I have read that it is much stronger - how did it (adex) affect you - libido only or both libido and ed symptoms ?

Pkny - thanks for the encouraging words - never tried liquid viagra - dont know anything about it only the pills- pls tell me about your source since it seems to be legit

Thanks again.

Mostly ED symptoms…yes I know you are taking anastrozole and that it is generic for adex…I just use them interchangeably…one is the name brand, another is the generic, but same for our purposes…

You can find more info about aromasin (exemesane) from wikipedia…it basically destroys the aromatase enzyme, as opposed to blocking its effect. I have no idea why this seems to work for some people, but it has for a couple others.

David, there are many internet sources that sell Adex, Aromasin, viagra (calling it sildenafil citrate), they also sell t3, clomid, novaldex and a host of other things that guys on gear use. They do this legally by calling the compounds “research chemicals.” The bottles say “not for human consumption,” but they should include a monty python pic of nudge nudge, wink wink.

T-Nation does not like you to name sources on the message boards, but if you want to PM me, I will give you the site that I use.

I understand and respect the general rules of the forum - I was just thinking since you found one that actually works it would help avoid the scams that are out there - tried to PM you but do not have permission - could please see if you could send me a PM ? thanks

You can’t send or receive PM’s until you’ve been here a while, unfortunately.

Do not list sources on the open–it only invites scammers and law enforcement.

Since I am currently unable to PM can I include a gmail account in a message to receive the info. ? Thats the only way I can think of doing it since I cant receive them (PM) either

Sent you a PM, but if you cannot receive it just give me an e-mail, and I can hit you there.

PKNY - sorry not ignoring just unable to PM and cant post e-mail address - I will do some research on the net and see what I find

Purchased some L-Arginine pills - will give them a try - the drink is difficult to consume on a daily basis

Anybody have any luck with anything else or any other ideas ?

I would think the DHT will tell a lot - will get that tested in another week or two

u need moore testosterone

Shoot high on the l-arg. I used to take a couple of grams and got nothing out of it. These days I take 5g, but 7 to 10 isn’t uncommon.

It won’t take long, a few days of use, to see if it’s helping.

Good luck!

Currently 2 pills ='s 1000 mg , the drink has 2000 mg are you taking 5,000 mg ?

Yep. 5g = 5000mg. I used to be taking 1000 then 1500 both with meh results. 5g kicked in nicely and rapidly enough to know what was going on.

Update : Labs are in although limited

These labs are with current weekly protocal :test cyp. 50 mg shot (100mg total) x2 ,.5 hcg x2 , .25 a-dex x1

Doctor was concerned that the low SHBG may be due to insulin resistance thus some of the following tests :

tt : 756 (348-1197)
ft 27.4 (6.8-21.5)
hemoglobin ALc 5.4 (4.8-5.6)
Insulin 8.5 (2.6-24.9)
DHEA 193 (31-701)
E-2 53.7 (7.6-42.6)
dht 47 (30-85)

I know E-2 value is a big no-no

Any thoughts on the dht ? should I be concerned ? what values have others had ? I am below middle of range - should I be thinking proviron ?