ED Issues, My Endo was Unhelpful

Not too sure about symptoms for too much nolva. For high doses of clomid some guys go a bit weepy and emotional. You can also get “floaters” in your vision, if you aren’t careful and drop the dose, can do permanent damage to your eyes.
Its common sense not to take more than you need. If all you have is 25mg caps take that, and see how you go, no need to go 2 caps(50mg). If you have tablets you could halve or quarter them to have more control over the dose. It would be too inaccurate and troublesome to try and remove some material from capsule.

Ahhhh alright. Yeah my doc prescribed me a 30 day supply of cialis which is only 6 , 5mg tabs . I’m having a hard time foguring out which sites are legit online to buy it ha

Alright being I have clomid on hand you don’t think 50mg clomid along with the 25mg nolva would be beneficial to cover all basis ? I thought about running hcg after last pin up to 3 days before put but so many different opinions on it and different dose recommended

Here the blood test. High !

I knew it. There was no way after 2.5 weeks you were still low. ESTROGEN REBOUND.

So what do you think? Just call it quits and run nolva until pct

Totally up to you. If I was dealing with ED I would definitely consider it an option. It’s hard to say.

Alright yeah sorry for all the questions I want to get back to having a working dick and don’t want to make it worst haha

It’s not even really all that high. I’m surprised your having problems.

Have you tried running any nolva like 10 mg-20 mg per day to see if that helps?

Yeah I been splitting the caps in half. It’s slightly got better but it will get up for a bit but go limp after a while

Well you could A. Stay the course B. Add arimidex back in and hope for the best C. Cold Turkey and pct D. Go all out and use massive doses of anabolics and say screw it all. Your choice bro.

Have you heard of N2Generates ?

It’s like a natural supplement for pct right?

Yeah I was told to stack that with pct to help keep all the negative side affects away and helps start natural test , kick start hpta and boost oh and fsh. Just so many people give different opinions and advice it’s hard to figure out what to go with haha

I just looked it up and looked at the ingredients. If that’s what’s really in it it cant hurt ya. Basic natural supplements

Hey man so my e2 sensitive test came back at 59pg so on the he high side. Do you think this is the cause to the ed? I been taking the low dose of nolva for about 5 days and haven’t noticed anything. My last pin of 150mg was 7 days ago.

Not sure about the high E. You still need to give the nolva time to work, and you’re last pin of test was only 7 days ago, give it time to work. Stop stressing.