ED Issues, My Endo was Unhelpful

So I’ve been running test E 250mg twice a week. I started arimidex about 2 weeks in at .25 on m/w/f. About 6 weeks in I got bloods my total test was at 2299 and my e2 was at 79. I was feeling good at this time I had good wood and libido, but was told my e2 was high . I found out my source for my hcg and arimidex was bunk so I got another for the arimidex shortly after and stayed on m/w/f . About 8 weeks in I went down to 300 mg of test a week and stayed on the same days for arimidex. About 10-11weeks in I slowly started getting ed , shitty libido so I was taking viagra which worked well and stopped the arimidex completely being told it crashed my e2. I was going to stop test on week 12 but I’m still running it and am on week 13 and still not running the arimidex and my ed is even worst absolutely can’t get up and even viagra doesn’t work as good as it should. Any thoughts on this should I just stop and run pct? I have 25 mg nolva and 50 mg clomids. I ended up going to the Endo today and he was not helpful. He told me to stop test completely or taper off the test and that I should not take clomid or tamoxifen at all along with any other pct and he also said that estrogen high or low had nothing to do with erections… also I’ll post my bloods from mid cycle idk what good that will do now . Thanks guys !

Hematocrit is on the high side. Donating blood might help. How long have you been off arimidex? Understand the function of arimidex first and foremost. It’s in the name. AROMATASE INHIBITOR. It does nothing to the estrogen in your body. It attaches to the aromatase enzyme and keeps it busy for a little while. It doesn’t kill it like aromasin which is a suicidal ai. After you discontinue arimidex all that aromatase enzyme is released back into action and it does what it’s best at… drum roll… converting your precious testosterone into ESTROGEN. This is where Estrogen rebound comes into play. You can go from “crashed” to gyno pretty dang quick. Your doc is nuts if he believes estrogen doesn’t effect erections and sexual health. I’ve been crashed before and multiple times and I know first hand how it effects my erections. THERE AINT ANY. It’s your body so you have to read it but it looks like you need more bloodwork. A quick simple e2 sensitive test should do the trick. If you ha e access to nolva I’d run it 10mg per day until you finish your 300mgs per week. No ai.

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Unfortunately most endo’s are little better than GP’s when it comes to dealing with supraphysiological doses. They’re only trained to deal with hypogonadism, or other reasons for a low natural testosterone, and prescribing low therapeutic doses to mimic a healthy natural level of testosterone.

The higher performance enhancing doses are not seen as a legitimate therapy, despite being safe if used in moderation and under a Dr’s supervision.

I was recently arrested by the police for illegal steroid possession(Australia), and am now forced to seek a legitimate prescription, being caught will illegal stuff again would most likely see me doing gaol time. So I have been doing the rounds with Endo’s too.
I was told the same thing about not doing clomid or nolvadex. That shows how little experience they actually have with this side of hormones, I showed them blood test results showing how PCT would consistently get my testosterone levels well back into normal range after cycle. Still they didn’t want to listen. They were also surprised to hear that someone on steroids (probably taking HCG)could get their woman pregnant. One told me she would need to see studies proving this was possible before believing it. These doctors are supposed to be experts.
They have been told steroids cause cancer of the liver, impotence, infertility, gynocomastia. Well yes they can if used inappropriately, but you can pretty much avoid or at least minimise the negative effects if used in moderation, with common sense and anecdotal experience from people that have been using these hormones for many years.

I could easily go off on more of a rant about my experiences but I won’t.

If I was in your situation I would stay away from AI and take nolva on cycle instead to deal with any potential gyno, or other estro problems.

If you go off cycle do a proper pct with nova or clomid until you have a strong normal sex drive/wood, then taper off for a couple of weeks, see how you respond over the next month -6 weeks, get bloods again before going back on cycle.

How’d you get caught? Were you importing internationally or buying on the street or something? Such bullshit they’ll arrest you for possessing some test, were you selling… Seriously arressting someone for steroid posession is such a waste of resources, the police should be detaining people who are a legitimate threat to society, not someone who is (presumably) an otherwise law abaiding citizen. Why is weed accepted here but AAS isn’t, I see people smoke weed in public here, on trains, near shopping centres etc, (I’m in Australia) by the logic of arresting you for steroid posession, these individuals should also be arrested (although they shouldn’t be… because who cares)

Hey, I got raided because I had been collecting WW2 firearms parts via the internet, full on armed tactical response, just like on TV. Even though my collection had no working firearms, no assembled firearms, or any receivers, just about everything firearms related turns out to be illegal in NSW, but not necessarily in other states. Its a very grey area, that defies common sense, and you won’t know that you have even broken a law until the police are at your door. During the search they saw my steroids, which were in plain sight in my bedroom. I had a lot of old gear that I had tried that didn’t agree with me like winstrol capsules(gives me headaches), test prop(headaches again). A few nearly empty vials with 1/2 ml left. I should have thrown all that shit out. I was 5 weeks into a cycle of test and EQ, before interrupted.

The police were actually really good about everything once they heard my explanation, on both subject matters. They treated me with respect, and understanding which I was very greatful.I still got charged with possession, and several firearms offences(despite not having any unregistered firearms) and I got an 18 month good behaviour bond. I now have a criminal record, so I probably won’t get let into the USA if I want to go on holidays.

Definitely wasn’t selling, that is a recipe for getting in trouble. I had been using steroids for the past 3 years to help treat my chronic fatigue syndrome, which gives me lots of muscular and joint pain. Suffered from CFS for 30 years now, steroids are about the only thing I have tried that actually help with the symptoms. I had tried to get them from a dr, but I didn’t officially have low T so they wouldn’t prescribe. A female to male transgender can get testosterone prescribed, but most real men can’t. Go figure?

Steroids are illegal in many countries mainly due to high profile publicity by athletes found cheating, not because they are dangerous if used appropriately. Most of the doctors that were practicing 30 years ago when steroids were freely prescribed have retired now. With them has gone the knowledge that steroids were relatively safe when used in supraphysiological doses, under supervision.

I think the average steroid user in Australia(or the US) who buys from a local dealer shouldn’t have a problem if they keep a low profile. I won’t be buying illegal stuff again, hopefully I can get a script from a Dr, but it will mean jumping through lots of hoops, to convince the right authorities.

I quit taking my arimidex 2.5 weeks ago. No signs of gyno or any other symptoms. I did have really high bp for a while it’s still in the higher side but not like it was. So you think I should keep running the test , take the nolva and get bloods? Or should I just hop on pct? Could a pct make my situation worse without knowing what’s causing the ed? And so since you mentioned taking the nolva you think my e2 is high vs low? I was wondering if it might be a blow flow issue from the high bp and bad cholesterol?

I think you hit the nail on the head. I would say donate some blood which should alleviate your hematocrit issues for now. Take some cialis daily at 5mg a day which will lower your blood pressure and probably help with erections. Run the testosterone 300 a week and nolva 10 mgs ed or eod minimum. It may very well be a blood flow issue and the cialis will help. Eat clean and train your ass off. You can scoop some cialis up from research chem site of you dont have access. If you havent tried it before you will love the stuff. If your currently lean or will really bring out your vascularity. PCT wont hurt you but your already in this thing so…

And the low dose nolva is insurance boss

Tomorrow I’m gonna take the e2 sensitive test. So I should run the nolva even before figuring out where my level is at? Also what page do you usually pick up cialis? Isn’t it pretty spendy? And if it is a blood flow issue any way of taking care of that so I don’t have to always depend on cialis?

I cant give sources. I dont want to get banned or put in time out or anything. There are some reputable rc sites. Doesn’t cost that much. Typically dosed at 20 or 30 mg per ml so if your doing 5 mg daily it should last a good while. As far as the nolva… if your still pinning I would. Or wait till after your test tomorrow. The cialis will bring down your blood pressure. Blood donation will help hematocrit. Cut salt out as much as possible.

Alright sounds good I’ll let you know what the results are, within the last day I’ve noticed my ed getting slightly better. Haven’t started the nolva yet but will. Have you ever heard of nolva coming in 25mg caps instead of 20?

Yes. The nolva I have on hand right now is 25 mg per tab

Alright on pct would you just run it 50/50/25/25 , clomid 100/50/50/50

I wouldnt run pct at all myself. I’m on trt for life.

Run only one serm for PCT. 25 mg Nolva should be enough, or 25 clomid(100 clomid way too much for most people). Nolva is a more powerful drug / mg. Running for 4 weeks is probably not going to be enough. As I said in an earlier post run PCT until you get decent libido and morning wood then taper off at half dose for 2 weeks extra.

Alright so running 2 serms wouldn’t be more beneficial like a lot of people claim? I thought they work differently? How come just 25mg? Isn’t the standard 40/40/20/20?? And so your saying just run 25mg until my libido and ed gets better what if Ive been running it 2-3 months and still hasn’t gotten better ? I was going to get off test last week but continued to see if cutting the adex would help at all. You think I should just get off test for now and hop to my pct ? Sorry for the questions this was my first cycle everything was good until this point

One serm will do the job, more is not better. Nolva is stronger than clomid, 20 or 25mg of clomid is enough. I would never recommend more than 50mg of Clomid, due to potential negative side effects, emotional instability and potential damage to the eyes.
You need to tailor the drug amount and duration to your particular response. You could do 40mg of nolva for the first 2 weeks, but obviously if you get any bad reactions cut back to 20mg.

It can take 2 weeks for crashed estro to return from too much adex.

13 weeks is plenty of time for a testosterone cycle, so you can hop off the gear. It will take at least 2-3 weeks for the test levels to reduce enough before starting true PCT. As you will still have plenty of test in your system, the insurance dose of nolva 20mg in between true pct is useful to keep estro under control.

It could easily take 3 months for your natural test to get back to normal levels(time off = time off as a minimum), you will just have to see(could be quicker as its your first cycle).

For me at least I did 16 week cycles I found the longer lower dose of serm pct to be more effective, than the wham bam thank you mam approach( I never took hcg but I would expect that hcg would speed things up).

Alright I’ve just read a lot of people say run both. I just want to make sure I run a efficient pct. so my e2 test should be here tomorrow but if it’s to high or rock ow would that matter as far as hopping to the pct? And so youre saying to basically start my nolva at 20 mg right away everyday from last pin for 2 weeks then to 25mg everyday instead of waiting 2 weeks after last pin to start it ? How come a lot of people say AI on cycle and serm for pct

AI on cycle and serm for pct is recommended by lots of people, especially those that take large doses of test or other highly aromatising drugs. The problem can be, as you encountered, unless you are lucky or have the AI dose really dialled in its very easy to crash your E. It takes a while for AI to kick in. You start to get nipple sensitivity, after a week of taking AI you still have it, you up the dose a little .By the next week it starts to kick in at the high dose and your body is flooded with AI, and you crash your E.
Serm on cycle is a little old school, but it does work really well for keeping your E in check without crashing it. Nolva especially is very good at stopping gyno symptoms.

Yes, start taking 20mg of Nolva/day, until you start pct. You can continue that amount all the way through PCT if you want. If your body tolerates it well you could start pct with 40mg for a week or 2, then go back to 20mg/day for the rest of pct. Just pay attention to how your body is reacting and adjust up or down if necessary.

Okay sounds good, yeah I never had any issues with my nipples at all, I probably shouldn’t of even taken the a-dex. I will do that then with the nolva. What are some symptoms to watch out for so I know if I should cut down the 40 mg? Being I have 25 mg caps could I just do 50 or should I take some out of each