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Ed Corney Passed Away

Just saw that Ed Corney passed away yesterday. Always sad to see a legend from that era go.

He always had a badass solid physique, even in the Masters competitions, and is considered one of the best posers ever.

And of course, the classic:


One of the greats!

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Absolutely loved his physique, definitely an all time fav.


He competed well into his 60’s. Who says steroids are harmful if used in moderation? Dude lived until 85. RIP Ed


Let’s hope we are all so lucky.

What an excellent physique he had… thick, balanced, conditioned onstage,… just a great example of the era we always think back to as “Arnold’s.”

Always sad to see the names of yesteryear, who lived the history we like to read and hear about fade away.



So I guess we can assume streoids don’t shorten your life if used properly

Also I am sure that this guy was taking many times of 500mg per week

nobody can make any assumptions about the population at large based on a sample size of 1.

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I also see very old pro bodybuilders who definitely have abused steroids

by abuse i mean that they have taken many times of regular people who are not using for competition