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Ed Corney Looking Good at CV Show

        Hey guys, am heading out to pre-judging tomorrow in Livermore. I guess Jay Cutler is supposed to guest pose.. lookin forward to a good show, and check on the monster as well...
     Anyone else goin?
I'll post up about it if anyone's interested afterwards....
     Didn't expect a whole lot out of this thread....lol.

     Pretty good show, small, a couple light heavys looked good, a couple of the women were good, one very tight and cut.

    Thing that stands out to me, was seeing ol Ed Corney again. It's been a while since I talked to him, and only one other time since his health took a turn there a while back.
   The guy still looks fantastic. He does look a little tired these days, but look at what this guys been through lately. Still packin the guns and that big smile. A real warm person, and the greatest poser of all time. My two year old daughter warmed his heart, and that made it for me.
   I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him many times since I was a teenager long ago, as he was my first weightlifting coaches good friend and training partner from way back. And so it's good to see him out there still. Anyway, I'm glad I went just for that reason alone, inspiration like talking to Ed Corney in person can't be beat. And it stays with you for a good long while.

      so it was worth every penny in retrospect now.

        cheers all,