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Ed Coan's Dominance


Check this out!

He's the lightest guy in the competition with the biggest squat...

This should keep us humble.




Wow, Tony Saunders did not have it together in that meet at all.


He had a 600+ pound bench press. What are you talking about??


I was referring to his first squat attempt.

I should have clarified and said that his first squat was not together instead of just generalizing.

My bad.


Skinless, where did your jesus avatar go? It was awesome...

Good video's btw!


Coan has always been a freak of nature.


ed coan is not really human....


The moderators took it down. I thought it was funny as hell but they said they dont allow anything of a religious nature.

What do ya do right?.


What exactly was your avatar?


Any body know what his training was like. I assume he didn't use bands or chains.


He didn't. He used linear progression with straight weight. If you google him you can find some of his routines.


funny he had that duct tape on his suit