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Ed Coan Squat Video




Awesome stuff. Thanks!



Thanks a lot for posting these vids. I had no idea they existed, which is funny because I'm on the Coan/Phillipi Deadlift program now.


I think that is from a DVD that supertraining sells:


I wonder if they know its online, as it probably shouldn't be. Ripping off guys trying to make a living off doing shit they love is shitty.


it is, those are full clips of the set. excellent material, wonder who uploaded that?


I saw last night that the guy that has this youtube channel also has a bunch of Westside videos up, probably from some of the videos Louie used to sell or possibly still does.


Yes, we sell these on DVD. Some idiot in another country has posted them on YouTube. Ed Coan himself gets the majority of they money from these when we sell them. If you watch them online, you're stealing from Ed Coan.

Jim McDonald