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Ed Coan Routines Questions


Im starting ed coan based routines for squat bench and deadlift. Wondering if I can use chains?And I know the deadlift routine utilizes max effort and speed in the same workout, but as far as the squat is concerned, is it just 1 max effort day or is there a DE day


One squat day, one deadlift day.


In 'theory' the ed coan deadlift routine has speed work.

Ive done the program 2 and half times (currently on week 6 on the 3rd go though). And I think ive yet to pull anything with any kind of speed! haha.

I really dont think that doing all of eds routines at once is the best idea. Got to remember that the deadlift routine is NOT how ed trained.. he made that program for phillipi. More or less the bench/squat/dead programs are just linear periodization which has its benefits as well as drawbacks, i guess the deadlift program is kind of conjugated.. but like I said i really dont feel anyone is working on any sort of speed with the 'speed' pulls.


wasnt ed coans routine just block periodization?


NO! Westside is SOMEWHAT like block periodization. Ed's routines are linear periodization.


well no, westside use conjugate periodization where they use all four methods of building maximum strenght at once, instead of doing 1 after the other ect.


Yes, I agree. What they are doing is SOMEWHAT... S O M E W H A T like block periodization...

I personally haven't read Verkhoshansky's book, but I do know a little bit about it. BP (block periodization) is about setting up "blocks" of training phases that has a certain purpose, whether it is building max strength, explosive strength, etc... Just because two blocks cannot be the same does not mean that you cannot simultaneously work on two goals at the same time. Westside training for example, can get you buff, strong, and become faster than a fucking cheetah... They are, let me repeat it again, SOMEWHAT using block periodization...

Please forgive me for correcting you. I just can't help it sometimes. Please understand...


Actually, you're wrong.


me or type2b?


ed coan was just linear periodization, block periodization would be a little different with SPP phases etc.. at least as far as i understand.

westside is nothing like block periodization, i dont get that at all. they are not training in blocks, its all at once.


thats what i was trying to say but i wasnt bothered arguing with type2b, he seems like the type that wont admit when hes wrong even when he blatantly is.


I have the Ed Coan training tapes on dvd if anyone is interested




I used the Coan/Phillipi plan with a few tweaks.

I picked two deadlift variants that have been good for me- deficit pulls and reverse band pulls. I used conservative maxes on these to figure my percentages.

For week 1, I did the workout with defict pulls based on the template percentages and the my deficit pull max.

On week 2, I used the week 2 percents with reverse band pulls based on a reverse band max.

On each following week, I continued the rotation- defict pulls on odd weeks and reverse bands on even weeks- based on the percents in the template.

I think you can make it work with these deadlift variants, but you have to understand your max and the strength curve of a particular exercise. For example, let's say you are 625 lb puller and you can pull 495 plus 200 of chain for a max. How do set up a 80% pull? Would you use 405 +160 of chain, 495 + 60 of chain, or 405 +200 of chain, etc. Depending on where your weak point is, any one of these may be the "right" combo. That's the kind of thing you will have to play around with.

It's a good program for some things. In terms of improving base strength, speed off the floor and training capacity, it worked well. However, not hitting any max or near-max pulls for a couple months made it inappropriate for my needs. Also, pulling from the floor every week took a toll on my squatting to an extent.


???? Do you guys even know what "SOMEWHAT" means? I didn't say it's identical to what they do, what I am saying is that it is S O M E W H A T like westside...

Ahhh, fine. I'll stop arguing. I'm sorry...