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Ed Coan Phillipi Deadlift Program


Currently trying the Ed Coan Phillipi deadlift 10wk program, just for the hell of it.
My Deadlift max is 215kg with a desired Dead of 225kg (about 22lbs more).
Week 3 is coming up and I’m wondering what should I do on my other 2 training days?
I alreadly figured out that I should go on Squatting, Benching and Pressing (531 with a conservative TM), but would it still be okay to hammer hamstrings (I like to do nordic curls or RDL’s after my Squats) and upperback ( I used to do back work every training day) on those other days?

If anyone has run these ten weeks or something simulair, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


I did the coan phillipi 10 week bench for my other 2 days. It was a coan phillipi 10 weeks. Didn’t do any squats or hamstring work. Back and hips held up great.

I think upper back would be fine. I’d watch the lower body work. Focus on those DLs


Thanks, so I’ll stick to the plan. Up the bench/press work a bit and be conservative with the legwork.


What I find funny is that Coan has said 5 feet away from me in person he would never do the program himself… Coan gave suggestions on the program nothing more.


I know he didn’t write the program. But a lot of people made great strenght gains with it, so I figure why not?
It reminds me somewaht of the Russian Squat program though.


Thats cool…I think some people jump into it solely on the fact the think Coan wrote the thing .


Does anybody know what Coan DID do for the deadlift?

I’ve seen Coan Bench Press and Squat routines floating around. And of course the Coan/Philippe DL routine, but what about Ed’s back/deadlift workout?


It might be this…


I have a signed copy of the Book Coan the man the myth the method which has it listed.


Dang, I’ve been trying to find the hard copy for ages, they’re no longer in print. You’re one lucky man haha.


I bought it from the man himself at a seminar …:slight_smile:


He explains his training somewhat in the Supertraining video’s.


Things get stripped away as you go so it’s not bad. By the end of the program you just show up and bang out your reps.

Broke through a bench and squat plateau, totally worth it