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Ed Coan Deadlift Routine Question


alright....dumb question coming...plus a few additional dumb questions

In the coan/phillipi routine i am confused about the most basic thing about the program. Is the idea to do work up to the heavy sets before the speed lifts?

Also on the circuit aspect of the training, would it be a bad idea to sub the underhand gripped pull downs for palms facing chin ups?

I am starting the ed coan bench program on joeskopec the next week as well. Is it a bad idea to run both these programs at the same time?


I've done the program once, went from 455 to 495 deadlift
1-yes you do the heavy sets before the speed lifts
2-I don't really think it would make much of a difference since it's just assistance lifts
3-haven't done it myself, but some people have done smolov jr bench + smolov squats at the same time which is much harder than what you're planning to do, so I'd say it's definitely doable.


yea i have definitely read about people doing both smolov jr. on bench and squat....i ran smolov (not jr.) back in when i was in high school before i quit working out

those 9 rep mondays still give me nightmares


i hope i can get my DL up to 450 from 415


where can i find this program?


Just Google Tsampa: Coan/Phillipi Deadlift Routine.


I feel obligated to say whenever someone brings this up that it's really just the Mark Phillipi deadlift program. Not that that's a bad thing, just saying Ed Coan never used it.


Very True.... Why? people may ask. Because Ed said so!!!


starting the routine tomorrow

...i am not looking forward to the sore hamstrings from SLDL lol


Went pretty smoothly today. Hardest part for me is flexibility on doing the romanian dead lifts. They got better as I progressed through the sets though. I kept the weight at 135 today on the RDL it was pretty easy. Probably gonna bump it by 20-30 pounds or so next time. I feel like it might get pretty hard for me to hold form if I jump up by any more.

I have never really done speed dead lifts before. I'll just say that I am a fan after today. The weight felt extremely light, but I felt like I had ran about 3 miles lol.

Cardio is not my strong point.


I've been running both the bench and DL program. During which my programmed max singles will be during a meet. So far I'm pleased with the results but the meet will be the real test.


Have fun, week 4 and 5 are a real bitch.


i do agree 415 for 2 isn't gonna be fun

I do have a question about power shrugs though. I have never really done them before and usually go for higher reps i do regular shrugs. I DL with the over/under grip and don't no if i can hold the weight in my hand with a double over hand grip. It a bad idea to use over/under grip on those?


how far are u into the program?


Finished the 10-week deadlift program this week but instead of going for the max this week it will be next Saturday at the meet. In week 9 I hit a 500 single as programmed and my previous max without a deadlift bar had been 485.


Awesome. Just out of curiosity, you talking about a trap bar?


No just a regular olympic bar rather than a deadlift bar which I'm good for around 30 pds. more with.


misread what u said lol...sorry