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ED and Low Libido (TRT Nightmare in Canada)

Hey guys,

39 year old here. I’ve been on TRT (200mg/2 weeks no AI) since 2010 and ever since I started, although I felt better at first, I’ve had low libido.Now, since about 2 years ago, I start having ED more and more. Morning wood almost non existant and have to take Cialis to have sex. However, here’s where it gets weird… Took a vacation to Thailand last March with my ex and upped my test to 200mg/week. NO PROBLEM! And she made me notice that every time we where in a tropical climate, things kinda went back to normal. Now, thing is, the mind is playing a role on it that’s for sure.

Today I picked up last year’s bloodwork and here’s the results (btw, the range are the true ranges here!! 867 is not super high IMO).

LH: <0.1
TT: 317 (202 - 867)
FT: 188 (86 - 434)
SHBG: 21 nmol/l (20 - 68)
E2: < 20 (they don’t calculate below it) (9.8 - 60)

Yeah, that’s it! As I’ve read and talk to a HRT doc in the US, it seems extremely tough to get the treatment I need here in Canada (even though I’m paying for it). One time I got a call after the next morning after my blood work, I was freaking out because I thought I had cancer, the dumb nurse said that my test was too high at ~1,100 lol I just pinned the day before and I literally told her “that’s it? I thought it was something dangerous”

My conclusion after many months of research on the topic is that my E2 and my FT is too low. But every time I mention trying 200mg/week, doctors are freaking out saying I’ll have high red blood cell and that I’ll have a stroke even though at 100mg/week, it’s very fine, even could be slightly higher. It’s a nightmare, I should be feeling like I’m 25, but I’m feeling like 65 and I’m sure some 65 year old males are in better shape than I am sexually wise :disappointed: I mean, will I have to resort to black market test to treat something that could be done legally!

You need to make it clear what your protocol is right now, how long you have been doing it, and what your COMPLETE bloodwork looks like on it.

Is your TT 317 on the protocol your on now?

you wrote, been on TRT 100mg/2 weeks no AI… Every 2 week injections of 100mg?

Where are you located in Canada?

Sorry, that was a typo, it’s 200mg per 2 weeks. I do a once every 2 weeks injection.

The above bloodwork was from a 50mg a week my endo wanted me to run after complaining that I had problems. He told me “the new guidelines are 50mg per week now”.

For the complete bloodwork, I’ll come back to you on this since it’s messy (ie they didn’t test everything every time). Some tests here requires an endo to actually be done (like T4 and T3, if the TSH is normal they don’t do a T3 level at all unless it’s prescribed by endo!). I had one done yesterday as a matter of fact but my GP could only write total testosterone…smh so I’ll have the full panel without the important ones for this specific topic.

In the beautiful province of Quebec (very sarcastic btw). People tell me it’s so nice to visit yeah until you actually live there…

I love Quebec but your healthcare is awful, you’re neck and neck with BC for the worst in Canada (RAMQ vs. Pharmacare)

Are you able to make the trip into Ontario to see a TRT-friendly doctor? I’m in the Greater Toronto Area and there are a number within driving distance.

50mg weekly just won’t cut it, it’s too low for therapeutic doses. It will keep you in a state of hypogonadism!

Those protocols are going to set you up for failure. 200mg every 2 weeks is going to put you in a roller coaster of E2 conversion and Test going from high to low. Not fun.

Read the stickies. The protocol that is put forward on this board is 50mg sub Q twice a week. This will keep levels more steady, keep e2 conversion to a minimum. 50mg a week (which I did for a while) is horrible. Scraping the bottom of the barrel is no fun.

Makes me laugh but I happen to love Toronto so a trip there wouldn’t be a problem. For me, as long as it helps, heck I was willing to go to Vermont or New York to find an anti aging clinic but the problem (as you might already know) is that US prescriptions aren’t legal in Canada. Also, is the consultation covered by the RAMQ or it’s a private clinic?

I just read them and I must say I was stunned that you could do sub Q test injections (since it’s only written intra muscular only)! Don’t mind needles at all, just the IM twice a week might leave more scar tissue so sub Q sounds great for that. But I’ll wait for JDBaizley reply about the clinic in Toronto. If they are very TRT friendly, it will be easier than what I’ll have to go through here (as far as getting hCG and using different needles). However I can start doing E3D 50mg injections and see how that feels in the meantime.