ED and Loss of Libido During a Cut?

When I try to look this up everything online brings up hormones. Since we are on TRT do you guys still suffer with ED/libido when cutting ?

This amounts to starvation which will affect you across the board.

So overdoing the diet to the point not even TRT can save you from those effects?

I’d say not as much as a natural, but only in the hormone department. You’ll still get all the other negative effects of being on a cut. But the extra hormones will help

Being on TRT doesn’t make your immune to the effects of malnutrition, sure your T won’t deline and excessively cutting was never just about testosterone being affected. Your body when you cut too much food out of your diet by design starts processes to keep you alive.

I am talking about ED and libido specifically though.

Yes and no. You need proper nutrition to function and on TRT, you will eat through your reserves quite fast. Couple it with a cut and you may run into trouble. I personally dont, but others with sensitive systems will.

Same here. Been cutting for almost 20 weeks, 500cal deficit, no hit to libido at all on 160mg T weekly. Guessing part of that is the small deficit.

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At 20 weeks you’ve adjusted to the deficit. Even if there was a hiccup, it was prolly not in the form of ED. ED is hormone and CVS related. So if you’re good on both, it shouldnt be affected by a sudden calorie deficit.

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Yes, whenever I cut calories (carbs) I notice that libido is affected after a while. It’s funny because when I carb up, all a sudden it returns. Low
Calories, high volume workouts, you just feel more tired than usual and libido isn’t the same. It does get better when you reach a maintenance phase.