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ED and Clear Semen 16 Months after Test E Cycle

I also forgot to mention that you can also go to a lab and check your sperm count. Here in Arizona you don’t need in order to get any blood work done at Sonora Quest Laboratories. I don’t know where you are but here in Arizona you can order your own blood work. They have a cash for service menu which is pretty reasonable without insurance. I can tell you HCG at the moment is pretty tough to find through legal channels. I have a prescription and the pharmacist is having difficulty finding it nationwide. However I know that there is a lot of HCG out there if you’re resourceful. You can also pick it up in Mexico with or without a prescription. Just saying. I don’t know what types of doctors you were seeing though you may have spoken about it earlier but I can tell you oh, I’ve been in healthcare for 23 years now and I can assure you that there are a lot of practitioners out there that have no business being in healthcare . Not to say that there not educated in their craft but at the same time it’s the system that develops their methodology and practice . And many doctors tend to dumb down over the years . It’s very rare to find doctors that know what they’re talking about specifically related to the subjects that you’re talking about and having trouble with . But I would not be wasting my time with a general practitioner or internal medicine doctor unless they’re credentialed in these types of modalities . I would most definitely seek out endocrinology and Urology . Hopefully, everything works out for you keep me posted! If I have any other thoughts about the matter I’ll be sure to reach out to you.



Hello and thanks for taking the time to respond.
Unfortunately I ve done many of the things you suggested with no success…

Biggest disappointment was last July when I used hcg at 2500 iu per week for 4 weeks and still not much improvement. Multiple bloodworks all this time… Everything normal… Total t fluctuating at around 700-800…i ve seen e2 go high at 55 and low at 20…no difference… Shbg high at 55 dropped it to 30 still not much improvement. Prolactin normal at around 8. Lh above ranges most of the time probably due to serms… Fsh normal at around 5-6.

What I am looking for is an answer to this question… Do you know what could cause Ed and lower libido after a testosterone cycle of 700mg per week that persists after many pct s with both hcg and serms… And many blood work that show optimal levels.

Is there something I didn’t check?
All my blood works are for lh, fsh, total t, e2, shbg, prolactin. and I’ve checked Tsh a couple times

Can high t during cycle or low t after cause venous leak or something like that?

Or maybe I damaged my receptors with the high doses but that would affect other aspects too not just libido and erections.

Anyway I am at a loss…

Ps I don’t live in the USA but I have access to hcg clomid and Nolva. Also I ve seen like 6-7 different endocrinologist… Everyone had a different theory but 3 of them said desensitized receptors

There’s many things that affect libido & can cause ED. I know you finished a cycle so that’s what you’re focusing on, but if your hormone labs look ‘normal’ then it’s probably time to look at other things.

Like what? I’ve done a penis ultrasound (not doppler) and everything was normal. Plus everytime I try a pct and the meds kick in my libido raises for a couple of days and erections are almost normal (but that is from the fluctuation of androgens)… It’s like my body makes testosterone but can’t use it… Maybe my receptors are fried… I don’t know… And the watery clear ejaculation that started after the end of the cycle doesn’t show healthy hormones