ED and Clear Semen 16 Months after Test E Cycle

Hello everyone,

I’ve done only 2 standard 12 weeks test only cycles (500mg-700mg per week). last one 16 months ago, standard pct clomid and nolva for 6 weeks…bloodwork shows everything normal (i 've done dozens of them) Total T even better than before i ever cycled (now its 700) normal e2 35, lh 7,2 , fsh 5,3 and everything else normal, prl 8.2, shbg 45 (not optimal but still normal) Tsh 1.3 and t3 and t4 normal.

The problem is i still have very clear semen (almost like water) and weak erections…Could someone give me a suggestion as to what is going on…I have tried a couple of times to take nolva and/or clomid for a second pct but no effect at all. Could hcg be of any help with those total t levels??

Seriously any idea as to what might be the problem would be really helpful

Youre T level is fine from what you’ve described, you’re just having trouble getting it up. It happens to all guys randomly from time to time even if we don’t want to admit it. Steroids not needed.

yep thats true.happens to us all.it just feels different than before steroids (and its a clear difference) …also the clear, watery ejaculation doesnt show healthy fully recovered testicles…even with normal fsh and total t…I was thinking of trying some hcg for a couple of weeks and then low dose clomid and nolva but i dont want to make things worse if i shutdown myself again with the hcg…Anyway thanks for replying

You hit the nail on the head. HCG would make sense if you were on TRT or just coming off cycle, but it would be unwise to shut yourself down again in the hope that shutting you down again will somehow get you going again. Sure, it’s not entirely implausible, but it is very unlikely and no such mechanism by which HCG can do this has ever been described AFAIK.

What is your free testosterone?

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You ve got a point there but i’ll tell you why i am considering it…As i said i’ve done a couple of pct’s over the last 16 months with bloodworks after…even with the serms on my system my total t never got past 720 while my lh was sky high even reaching 24mIU/ml at some point with normal values 1.7 - 8.6…i know that serms stimulate the hypothalamus and thats why i got those numbers but still with 25mg clomid e2d and no increase on total t this high level of lh shows that perhaps the testicles arent working as they should…The thing is that i didnt use hcg during the cycle (pregnyl isn’t available where i live), i just used a single dose of ovitrell (which is like shooting 10 hcg doses at one) a week after stopping my cycle. So my thinking is that hpta has recovered 100% but the testicles are struggling…and since hcg is considered much better in restoring testicles tthan clomid i was thinking of trying that since my hpta is easily stimulated with clomid after a shutdown.

12.8 ng/dL calculated since free t bloodtest is unreliable…i know not super high (probably because of the shbg 45) but still…its considered normal…i did a free t bloodtest 3 months ago and it came out 17ng/dL

That may be it, or part of it. l would look into getting DHT checked.

How high do you think your total T should go? At which number do you expect the issues with the semen quality to stop? If the HCG route were taken, presumably you need to do a higher dose of HCG than the equivalent of your body’s own LH. Once discontinued, your testicles could even be desensitized further. HCG is useful when everything is totally broken and fertility is a concern anyway. I don’t see it being indicated anywhere as a therapy for “lazy testicles.” It’s not like Clomid for the balls; it inhibits your hormonal feedback loop.

i thought about the desensitization myself and thats the only reason that i have second thoughts about it…Cause out of desperation i’ve done many pct attempts and that might be the issue…that i keep overstimulating the hpta and i dont let my receptors resensitize to normal t levels…Its just that hcg is considered the best at testicles kickstart and its the only thing i haven’t tried…and i dont think that a higher level of t will help with semen quality only with ed…semen quality isnt really my concern its just another sign that something isn’t right.

HCG is considered the best for “stimulating the testicles,” but thats usually in the context of testicular atrophy from prolonged cycling or TRT. If your balls are no longer in an atrophied state because you’ve had adequate time off gear (you have), then that doesn’t apply.

i will do that…although part of my pct attempt was proviron and there was very little difference with it…

ok…any idea as to what might be the problem?..is there any other hormone affected by a test only cycle that could be the reason for ed and or semen quality??

You need to ask a doctor to go over your labs. If you really need these questiond answered, you might even need to out of pocket for one that specialized in endocrinology or male vitality/TRT to really get good service. The dick is complicated sometimes. There could be a range of things affecting that don’t have anything to do with tour hormones and it make take time and many tries to pin down what the exact problem is. But given that youve been clean for 16 months and your bloods show normal/high Test and LH, hormones don’t seem to be the likely culprit to your problems.

I already have seen 2 endocrinogists who specialize on sex hormones and maybe 5 endocrinologists in general…most of them have no idea…one of them suggested that the androgen receptors might be desensitized so he gave supplements to resensitize it like Coq10, NAC, selenium, carnitine and vitamin d…another one suggested another pct with hcg for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks clomid and nolva…Do you think that dht could have anything to do with it…cause its the only one that i havent checked…although i’ve read that if t levels are good then dht will follow

No I don’t. Who could really know what’s going on with you besides your doctor, bud? You describe your semen as clear. I haven’t seen your semen (and don’t want to). You say you have weak erections. Compared to who? Your idealization of your old rock-hard self before doing a cycle?

I want to clarify that I do have sympathy for you. I’m trying to tell you there are no easy answers here, and if your problems are real, it may take years of paying/working with qualified doctors to sort it out, if possible.

Yeah i get it thats why i asked your opinion…anyway i think i’ll give it a shot with the hcg, clomid, nolva pct that the doc suggested…If it works i’ll post here to help anyone in a similar situation…

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Unfortunately not much improvement. I tried Novla 10mg eod after my last post for a month. About 3 weeks later I woke up horny as fuck.

Ed not completely cured but I was better. That lasted for 3-4 days. After that it became even worse than before. Bloodworks again, not much difference there. Still high total T, normal e2 normal prl, normal high shbg.

I then thought that the problem could be high shbg and I started proviron 50mg ed. Again after 3 weeks high libido for a week then crash while still taking it.

Next bloodwork 1.5 months after starting proviron showed total t at 932 and shbg dropped from 43 to 35. Still not much improvement. After that i saw an endo who supposedly knew what his was doing and he gave me ovitrell (hcg) at 6500iu per week.

No improvement and after 3 weeks I stopped so I don’t desensitize the leydig cells. That was 2 weeks ago. I am taking nolva 20mg ed at the moment, 50mg proviron and daily cialis 5mg.

I am at a loss. Maybe my problem is that I have low free t cause I always calculated my free t from total t and shbg and not bloodwork.