ED After Increasing Dose

So quick background. Started TRT 5 years ago. 35 yrs of age. Have been taking Test E 75mg every 4-5 days. Keeps me in the 700-850 range. Keeps me estradiol around 10-16. But… my SBGH is upper 40s typically. Have started taking boron in hopes of decreasing. Ive tried increasing my dose of test, but I have horrible nipple sensitivity. Can’t take arimidex due to even the smallest doses absolutely crushing my E2. Do have aromasin on hand if needed. So here’s the issue. The first 4 days I’m having issues getting and keeping it up. Rarely have morning wood. The desire is there. I’m always thinking of sex, but I can’t get that animalistic feeling inside that screams penetrate something. The overpowering urge. That feeling that powers the rod full of juice to keep it hard as a rock. But after day 4 or 5 my balls start to drop lower and I can seemingly get and keep an erection. I get that juice flowing again. What could it be? My test by then is less than 500, estradiol is around 10. I’m about to start HCG in hopes that it can help. Not sure if it’s the answer tho. Any pointers in the right direction for those who have had similar issues? It’s been going on for quite some time and it’s starting to effect me mentally.

How long did you increase test for before backing it off? I doubt your nipple sensitivity was due to estrogen if your E2 is that low right now. Definitely give HCG a try.

Everytime I test my E2 its fine, but I have nipple sensitivity in my left nipple basically 90% of the time. Also get lumps too that can shrink or enlarge depending on the dose. Its always sore. The amount of soreness is all that changes. Hurts to even run. Always had issues there. Been thinking of switching to EOD or daily sub-q to help combat that. I’m an over-responder when it comes to AIs so I do my best to stay away. Low body fat so thats not an issue. Also I forgot to mention I recently tested my thyroid. TSH was 4.53 which is high and T3 uptake was 22 which is low. I know hypothyroidism can cause issues as well. I tested my thyroid several years ago and everything was WNL. I was still having the ED issues back then tho

And I increased for about 3 months. Tried to give everything time to stabilize and adjust but no luck.

It’s just weird that at day 5 post injection I’m always good to go. I feel great, have great erections, everything hangs lower. But my test is below 500. And of course it’s times to inject again so that period of time where I’m fine only lasts a day or so.

Have you checked your prolactin? Also have you tried running Raloxifene or Nolvadex for the lumps and sensitivity? Instead of crashing your E2 like an AI would, these SERMs block the estrogen receptors in the nipples without changing the amount of estrogen in your body.

Yes. Its been awhile but it was in the 8 to 9 range.

Stop taking boron, and go back up in total Test levels. You’re low on E, only way to increase it is to increase T. Low E can cause issues that may also be caused by high E. We all react different, High E doesnt bother me, but low E does. Nipple sensitivity is also due to low E and low T. Best way to drive SHBG down a bit is to increase the T dose. Just because you’re taking 150mg of T you’re getting a smaller amount of T and the rest is the carrier oil. So I bet you would benefit from running T above 1000. At least consider switching to EOD. This will give you more consistency and help lower tour SHBG in a more natural way.

Yea starting tomorrow I’m switching to eod subq injections. Maybe 50mg eod. Believe you’re right about low t and e with regards to nipple sensitivity. The sensitivity actually gets better day 1-4 post injection. Sometimes with out of town work schedule I will have to go 1 or 2 days past my I jection schedule. Doesn’t happen often, but when I do go long the sensitivity worsens on those days which would lend to your theory of low t and e. Still don’t get why I have zero issues with ED on day 5 post injection, but the same day I inject it all goes away and stays down until day 5 comes back around. Am I atleast hitting a good T to E ratio come day 5 even tho they’re both low? I don’t know. I’m just baffled by it.

Test E is quick acting but the esther has a half life similar to that of TestC. So it should be available to you for a longer period. Being a high SHBG guy you simply dont get much free T and that’s where you may be encountering the problem. Only way to get more free T is to up the dose, change the frequency which should drive SHBG down, give you more free T and levels that are good in the real world vs what is on paper. Its weird because low SHBG guys need more frequent shots to stabilize and some high SHBG guys need more frequent shots to lower SHBG which allows for stabilization. I think the future is in micro-dosing. I inject daily, and if I go on small trips, I will dose myself with higher doses that match the days I will be gone. I experience no issues. Mind you, with daily shots I have a good build up of Test C so a spike in T and E followed by a slow trough, dont make a difference as long as I return to daily shots within 7 days. I think you need a steady flow of T and E to keep things going for you. That’s just how your body works.

Can you clarify what you mean? It almost sounds like you’re telling him to blast 1000mg/week of test cyp.

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Good catch, I meant raising TT value over 1000. I am not suggesting 1000mg. Currently he is only taking 75mg every 5 days which is not enough to begin with. I say he should switch to at least 75mg every 3.5 days which would bring up his T dose and frequency without pushing it

If my math is correct
150mg every 10 days = 15mg a day
150mg every 7 days = 21.5mg a day

Test E acts within hours and the rest within days to weeks just like Test C. But there is less stacking effect than Test C. So switching to Test C would be a better option too. But lets stick with what you have. Some guys on here with high SHBG like dailies even though people say they dont need it, yet the results are better. But in your case simply switching to 75mg every 3.5 days will yield you better results.

Have you checked your prolactin? My guess is it may be higher

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