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Hey guys, I’m taking in a lot of skim milk and eggs… and I think it’s giving me eczema! Does anyone have any advice for minimizing this? Aside from cutting down on those foods, that is, since they’re high in protein and easy to prepare, I’d like to keep em if I can.

first,i would doubt that skim milk and/or eggs are causing skin problems for you.(you have probably been eating eggs & milk since you were a child?)
second,you believe your skin probs are diet related(not necessarily true),although painstaking you can try process of elimination of milk, eggs, or any other ‘suspect foods’
third,if i were you i’d see your family physician simply because he\she is likely to
solve your problem more quickly.

I agree with the idea of eliminating eggs and milk say for a week and see if the skin thing changes. If you have only had the eczema for a short time, have you had any changes in your diet, stress levels, etc. in that time period?I would disagree and say that it is quite possible that these are the cause of your skin problems. If you are not taking any, you might try a tablespoon or two of flax oil (if the elimination does not work).

I’m already sure it’s the milk and eggs causing it. See, last winter when I was bulking up I was having a LOT of milk and it hit. I stopped and it when away. Only now, when I’m starting to ingest large quantities of these foods is it starting to show up again. I did some research on eczema and they say egg and milk proteins can trigger it. Bummer…

I used to have bad eczema when I was a lot younger. I was always a vegetarian, but when I became vegan and eliminated dairy products, the problemn cleared up in a matter of days! Obviously, your body is sensitive to those foods and they are causing a mild allergic reaction. I don’t see any other option but to elimintae them from your diet, apart from maybe somehow strengthening your immune system, which has been known to reduce allergic reactions. After six years of avoiding dairy foods altogether, I can now tolerate them as well as the next person.