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Hey when I was smaller, like 10 or something, if I drank cow's milk I'd get like really constipated. It's kind of funny, but yeah.

About a month or two ago I started drinking it when I got in my more serious working out thing. And I noticed that I didn't get constipated anymore. I'd drink quite a bit of it and liked the idea of using it as a post-workout drink.

However, I've been breaking out with eczema, and my Mom said it's probably the cow's milk.

So I've been easing off the milk, but the eczema doesn't seem to be going away.

I really liked drinking the milk, it added calories, tasted good, etc. And I miss drinking it.

Does anybody have any ideas, about this. Like is the milk really causing it, or any other things that could be causing it. Or any other ideas for post-workout drinks.


I don't know about the milk, but I think I remember something about it (someone told me once, I don't really remember it all though).

But, I do have it (on my face of all places) and I've been breaking out in small patches in the last couple of years.

I now have it on the side of my elbows, and on the top of my feet.

I've been using a cream that my mother gets from the doctor she works for. I forgot the name, but it's some kind of steroid cream (not the anabolic kind of course).

That works well every time I use it.

Anyway, my point was, the research that I've done on it suggests that there can be many things that trigger it including stress, dry/cold weather and a bunch of other things.

I was also told that being out in the sun was bad for it, but personally I seem to notice that it's not as bad when I'm out in the sun as it is during the winter.

But stress is definitely a big factor. For me anyway.


Go see a dermatologist, find out exactly whats causing the eczema.


I had the same thing, and I just started to exfoliate(sp?) my skin which removes the dead skin cells and put on alot of lotion to keep the skin soft. Worked for me.

But I agree go to a dermatologist and find out what's causing it.


I have eczema myself, it's come and gone pretty much all over my body since I was a baby (I'm 25 right now). It also doesn't help that I live in the dry air of Colorado.

Anyway, Eczema is generally considered to be a genetic condition and is often found in people who also suffer asthma and/or allergies (which are all considered immune system disorders). Cortico-steroids, like prednisone, are very effective at treating the symptoms of eczema (and asthma, and allergies); but with repeated use have nasty long-term side effects including skin atrophy, joint degeneration, and bone loss.

The most most benign and effective things I've found to reduce symptoms are:

a) "Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion" due to the collodial oatmeal and the cooling effects of the menthol. Apply it when you get out of the shower.

and b)increased fat intake. I started taking lots of flax oil and eating lots of eggs on the advice of another guy with eczema and it really made a huge difference. Try it.

Just my two cents, but I've dealt with it for a LONG time and this has definitely worked for me.