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ECY Stack (Ephedrine, Caffeine, Yohimbine)

Just joined T-Nation and was wondering what peoples views were on the E.C.Y stack?

I have read mixed reviews and wanted some opinions from the members of T-Nation!

Dosage wise, I am thinking 32mg Ephedrine HCL, 300mg Caffiene and 10mg Yohimbine HCL



I've never heard of anyone using ephedrine and yohimbine at the same time. Sounds like a recipe for a panicked death.



I too have never heard of this, ECA is the common one. Substituing aspirin for Yohimbine


I recently read an article on the ECY stack. I personally think its putting too many stimulants in one package. By removing the aspirin, you are also removing the catalyst in thinning the blood which I found a bit strange?!? I suppose an ECYA stack could have its pro's and con's...!?!


I have used it and liked it. I know Lyle McD has talked about it but doesn't recommend it because, as some have already said, it could really get your heart going nuts. I tried it though with no problems, however, I did not use as big of a dose with the ephedrine or the caffeine.


What sort of dosage did you use?


25mg of ephedrine sulfate which from what I have read is about equivelant to 18-20 mg of ephedrine hcl, 200mg of caffeine and start low (5mg) with yohimbine and increase as tolerated. When I first started 5 mg of yohimbine made me feel sick but I have been able to work my way up.


An EC stack should be sufficient. About 20mg of ephedrine and 200mg caffeine per serving. I tried an ECY stack before and my heart rate went through the roof even just from several minutes of cardio (warming up). I went home straight away after that.


I would think that you would replace the caffeine with the yohimbine.


I've been doing it and I'm fine.