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Ectos, You Don't Need to Eat!

I knew as soon as people looked at the forum subject that they would want to rip right into me about it. So to save everyone the time , ectos you do need to eat…but.

Being genetically un-gifted isn’t the be all and end all, most of us ectos go around telling people “i’m not huuoge because of my genetics”, i’ll admit i’m guilty of saying that from time to time and the fact is, it’s a cop out 100% bullsh*t everyone knows your commitment is just lacking and your efforts in the gym are dismal at best.
Why do i say this, because i did it, i was the poster boy of excuses.

However i shall say one thing all the other guys and girls out their who arn’t ectos dont understand, a high metabolism and an inability to eat large quantities of food. REMEMBER THE WORD EAT!

I am here today pretty much to help my fellow ectos out.
All your calories dont need to come from food, however obvious it sounds, you do need to eat to Grow! But a great way to increase your calories is through liquid form…

Here are two absolute awsome calorie packed liquid drinks to kick you in the arse and stop you from telling everyone “the reason im not big is because of genetics”.


x2-3 organic eggs
1 tbsp of peanut butter
1 teaspoon of honey
x1 banana
200ml+ of full cream milk
x2 scoops of choco protein
x1 pack of oats
-choco flavoring if need be.


x1/2 punnet of rasp
x1/2 blueberries
x1/2 strawberries
x1 banana
100-150mls of apple juice
4 large scoops of strawberry ice cream
-oats optional.
x2 scoops of vanilla protein

Question: What do you guys do to load up the extra calories.

Density is a big thing when eating lots or little.

I can’t relate to having to do any means necessary to get calories in, but there are foods I started leaning toward when clean bulking. Nuts & nut butters are my favorite. A large overloaded spoon of pb is 200 calories. For additional fat sources, added a lot of heavy cream or olive oil to just about anything.

I second the liquid thing also. Used less water and also leftit in the fridge to get all the air out of it to really pack it tight.

For carbs, I used oats, bananas, raisins, whole wheat bagels, brown rice.