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Ecto's have Fast Metabolism or Poor Digestion?


If you metabolize food quickly why don't you store said energy and get fat? Take two people both weighing 200 lbs. One is an ecto and one is a endomorph. They both live the same life, eat the same diet and consume say 3,000 cals/day. The ecto stays thin and the endo gets fat. The ectomorph has a faster metabolism which would mean he converts the food to energy faster than the endomorph. Why doesn't he put on fat quicker than the endo. Do ecto's have a history of poor digestion or maybe a much higher basal metabolic rate? Or is there just too many variables?


higher BMR


I believe some ectos have poor protein digestive capability and/or have low amino acids absorbtion rate. This may explains, among other factors, why some people can maintain or even build muscle mass on a relatively low protein diet while others will stagnate or lose muscle mass.


Truthfully, I haven't noticed a big difference in size or strength after I increased my protein intake. I averaged around .75 grams per pound of body weight in the past year or so. Now, I average around 1-1.25 grams and haven't seen much in return. My caloric intake prolly isn't high as it should be for a true ecto and active individual. That's where I'm concentrating now. Your point on absorption rates is interesting. I do feel that I don't absorb efficiently.


Your confusing multiple concepts.

1)Ecto, Endo and Meso are body types not descriptions of metabolism. They represent multiple processes in your body that make it's shape, but doesn't necessarily describe any particular one. It can represent what you eat how you eat it, how your body digest it, how your process it store it, and metabolize it. You may very well only be an ecto because you don't eat anything, and might change to a Meso in the future.

2)You're confusing digestion with metabolism. Higher metabolism means you burn more energy quicker. Better digestion means you absorb nutrients better. You may very well absorb the nutrients from the food better and get rid of them faster. Or it may use the nutrients to optimize your hormones to create muscle, make you crazy, make muscle, make fat whatever it wants to do. Metabolism is how fast you burn energy. Energy is pretty much just glucose in your blood. Fat and protein carbs all get converted to it.

3) how and where you store fat is based on your genetics.


1)Ecto, Endo and Meso are body types not descriptions of metabolism.

This is true. Generally speaking ecto's have a fast metabolism and endo's are slower. That's what I was referring to. What makes someone an ecto, meso, or endo? It seems to me that there is a very strong correlation between skinny/ecto's and fat/endo's. Don't ecto's tend to have small wrist, ankle, knee etc.. circumference and longer limbs? Meso's and endo's tend to have broader and thicker frames and typically not really tall, or lanky limbs.

Since meso's seem to be able to gain or lose easier than ecto's or endo's, do you thinks it's hormone levels?

Not picking a fight which is too common here between all us internet tough guys, but need some more insight. Mostly cuz I'm thin and having a real hard time getting above 190. Maybe my test levels aren't what they were or I just don't digest well.


If you're not gaining weight your simply not eating enough.

Don't create an excuse in the form of body-types etc.

I'm sorry but this explanation is a lot more likely than there being something wrong with your body. I see it all the time and I used to be that way myself. "I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight."


ectos tend to have a shitty appetite and feel fine on 3 meals/day. two of my friends are 5'9" and 145lbs and the few times ive seen them both attempt to gain weight they ate less than i do to get lean. i think the trick for ectos is to eat when youre not hungry and the opposite rings true for endos to eat only when you are hungry which seems to be all the time lol


Yeah OK I havent seen more than one true ectomorph in my entire life. 90% of the times, the difference between an endomorph and an ectomorph is at the brain.

Give a pizza at an ecto, he eats 2-3 pieces and he is stops an he is satisfied. Now give it to an endomorph, he eats it all, just because it tastes good.


Funny. I just downed an entire pizza Monday. While my fat friends try the 2 or 3 pieces approach. Do some research and get back to us.


Maybe your fat friends eat more when they aren't in the company of a T-man who's in much better shape than they are? You also work out hard and actually "need" the calories I'm assuming?

Give me a free pizza and I will eat 3 slices, no more than 4, and put the rest in the fridge. My fat friends eat the whole thing in one sitting. I believe I have an ectomorphic mind and they have an endomorphic mind. I don't believe these terms should be used for bodytypes bc people will just shrug and say it's genetics and not try to change their mindset. Absorption issues and how they relate to gaining muscle are something I would like to look into though.

I started working out last year and trying to gain weight. I went from eating 2500 calories a day and feeling stuffed to 3500 - 4000 a day and feeling stuffed. Gained 27 lbs. but I've been stuck at my current bodyweight for over a month.

Where are all those extra calories going? I don't have enough muscle that I think they're being used for maintenance and I do no cardio other than play "hide the salami" so I'm thinking I might have absorption issues? If I worked hard enough to get up to 190 pounds and mostly muscle, I can't imagine how much food I'd have to eat all day long just to maintain it.


I can definitely see this. I aim for 3,000 cals/day and more when I don't have to work. Yea, my fat associates never talk food or anything about exercise around me. They may feel that they don't know enough or just don't bring it up because they know they eat dumb shit and are lazy. They have no will power or desire to better themselves and it pains them to think about people who do. I guess it prolly makes them feel like a loser.


Metabolism isn't just how fast you break down your food, it's how fast your body uses that food for movement, sopport, growth, etc. If you have a high metabolism your body is using the calories you consume, threfore they cannot be stored as fat. If your metabolism is slower, you need fewer calories and therfore the extra food energy is converted to fat for later use. However we usually continue to consume the extra calories each day and that builds up over time to someone being overweight.


My personally belief is that fat people are actually conditioned to survive better than thin people. A thousand years ago when food wasn't so plentiful and easy to acquire, I would have starved to death where others could store energy or just not burn it so fast.

That's why I tend to think the faster metabolism is really less absorption. I could be wrong. Someone call Thibs to settle this. Doesn't he have a barbell symbol that we could flash into the sky like Batman...


When I was watching Lost I would wonder how Hurley stayed so fat on the island, and I figured with my high metabolism I would be dead before season 3.

The Truth About Bulking is an old CT article but a good one, however I'm eating at least 700 calories more a day than the article's chart for calorie intake to support optimal growth, and I've been stuck at current bodyweight for too long. Captain Obvious would say eat more, which I plan on doing, but it's depressing to think how much food is only getting absorbed by the toilet pipes.

Coach, do you know any tricks to fight fast metabolisms/poor absorption other than eating like a duck headed for a Foie gras menu?


He actually had a stash of junk food from the Dharma initiative.



3,000 calories isn't a lot.


This is the equivalent of saying to a guy that he is an alcoholic because he drinks too much. It's a tautology. Of course skinny guys eat too little and fat guys eat too much. But why? I myself am a fat guy - I tend to become fat if I don't cut out sugar and get my heart rate up every day. I simple get hungry very easily - mostly because of blood sugar swings.

I guess that skinny guys are not all that hungry and therefore have to eat when they don't want to. Fighting your hunger either way is a tough task. Of course that is not to say that it is impossible, but simply that it won't be easy.


Somatypes (ecto, meso, endo) are remnants of a pseudo-scientific inquiry into the nonexistent link between morphology and personality.

As Airtruth mentioned metabolic rate is the rate of energy expenditure. To say someone has a fast metabolism is completely uncogent. Shrews have fast metabolisms - they must eat every 3-5 hours or they die. I don't doubt that people's rate of energy expenditure differs slightly from person to person, but to think that energy usage is somehow connected to morphology is likewise nonsensical.

Body fat storage is complicated. There's no sense in trying to understand it through simplistic, "bro-ology" false concepts. If you wish to learn what is really known about it you must abandon these, presume you know nothing, and start from scratch on a foundation of evidence; read: Science.

To start with, learn about leptin. When you are finished you will be head and shoulders above the average lifter.